Christiansen Davis Bullock, LLC, Files Suit on Behalf of Consumers Injured by Suave's Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit

Sep 21, 2012, 14:52 ET from Christiansen Davis Bullock, LLC

DALLAS, Sept. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Christiansen Davis Bullock, LLC, has filed suit in a New Jersey state court on behalf of multiple women injured by Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit. CDB believes this is the first suit seeking damages for personal injuries caused to consumers by the product.  

Unilever United States, Inc., headquartered in New Jersey, is responsible for manufacturing, design and sale of the product. As set forth in the Complaint, the product claimed to be Keratin-based and formaldehyde free, suggesting to consumers it was free of dangerous chemicals. CDB understands that, in fact, the product's primary active ingredient is a chemical that straightens and damages hair. What little Keratin the product contains has little to do with the product's efficacy. The product also uses a formaldehyde releasing compound despite its claim to be formaldehyde free.

As detailed in the Complaint, the product caused the women severe and possibly permanent damage to their hair, including hair loss to the point of visible bald spots, severe breakage, discoloration and even burning of the scalp.

Christiansen Davis Bullock, LLC, understands that many of the women called Unilever for help and were told the company was unaware of these kinds of reactions; however, it appears that Unilever had received prior similar calls and numerous posts on the Internet describing similar situations.

Although the company claims to have taken the product off the market, Attorney Amy E. Davis, lead counsel for the women, understands it may still be available for sale at some retailers, and, even after hearing about the damage its product has caused, the company says on its website that if you have already purchased the product, it's safe to use.

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