Christmas Gifts that Go the Extra Mile

Dec 20, 2012, 07:05 ET from Nigel O’Hara Diamond Jewellers

PORTADOWN, Northern Ireland, December 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

The type of presents that people give at Christmas time is often dependent on the wider economic and cultural climate enjoyed by the nation at large. This Christmas it is highly likely that the most popular Christmas presents for adults and teenagers will be things that they can actually use - things that have mileage as gifts and will be enjoyed beyond the Christmas period.

This is largely because of the economic issues that most households are currently facing. Individuals, couples and families are all concerned about money and Christmas, although it is a season of great fun, represents an extra expense. This is why people are looking to make the most this year and to spend wisely on brands like Citizen Watches.

Among the most popular gifts out there in terms of providing a practical and long term use are designer watches. Designer jewellery retailer Nigel O'Hara Diamond Jewellers is already seeing a good deal of activity on its website at associated with Christmas purchases.

This is always a busy time for jewellers given the special sentiments that designer jewellery and watches are often used to convey, but this year it is less the aesthetic angle that seems to be resonating with members of the public so much as the useful side and the longevity of these items.

Longevity is the key when times are hard financially. Designer watches and designer jewellery continue to give people pleasure for months and years after they are first given as presents and this makes them a very wise and cost-effective purchase.

Visitors to will currently find a range of special offers and deals on a wide assortment of watches and items of jewellery. These discounts are designed to help make memorable quality gifts even more affordable for everyone.

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