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LONDON, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Buying products in which a donation of the price goes to a charity is naturally a selling incentive, as not only do consumers happily walk away with their new product but they can be additionally satisfied with the knowledge that some of their money will be going to charity. Whilst donating a fixed price of a product to a charity is a fairly long-established purchase incentive, the policy of donating a percentage of the product price to a charity is in relative infancy. At the forefront of this progressive approach regarding purchase donations to charity, is, a site that provides a wide selection of great value and quality Christmas cards.

As far back as 1949, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), launched its famous Christmas card program, which selects artwork for artists that are recognised throughout the world and uses the artwork to reproduce Christmas cards. Ever since UNCEF implemented this innovative charitable strategy, many organisations have been involved with exploiting Christmas cards as a fundraising tool.

In fact so rampant has donating a fixed share of the price of a Christmas card to charities become, that the UK-based Charities Advisory Trust gives out an annual "Scrooge Award," to the card manufacturers who give away the smallest share of pennies generated by the card to the charities of their choice.

One novel Christmas card design company that certainly cannot be accused of giving a miserly share of Christmas card purchases to charities is Until 2011, the London-based Christmas card design company operated a flat rate donation to charities. Realising that charities would benefit considerably more by receiving a percentage of the price tag as opposed to a flat fee,, launched a purchase initiative that rewards charities with a percentage of the sale, which is as much as 15%.

Whilst Christmas might be the last thing on your mind in late winter and early spring, the ultra-savvy shoppers amongst us may be looking at buying gear for Christmas now to avoid the festive-season consumer mayhem. If you buy your Christmas cards with, you will have the additional bonus of knowing that a significant percentage of your purchase will be going to help the world's neediest.

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