Ciil Technologies to Unveil the First Truly Waterproof Flat Panel Displays

Innovative, Fully-Sealed Technology Takes Outdoor Flat Panels Beyond Expectations

Jun 02, 2010, 09:30 ET from Ciil Technologies, LLC

CHICAGO, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Placing a display outdoors for commercial usage requires a certain confidence that it can operate and last in a variety of harsh environments, as well as unpredictable weather.

Companies can now rest easy, thanks to the fully-sealed technology that sets a new standard for weatherproof flat panel displays, featuring the greatest flexibility in outdoor screen placement on the market.

Ciil Technologies, LLC, the provider of the market's only 100 percent, fully-sealed full 1080p HD flat panel display, will showcase its new 42" and 47" outdoor models in booth #C4361 at InfoComm 2010 in Las Vegas. The exhibition will be held June 9-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Combining innovative technology with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques, Ciil Technologies has developed an outdoor flat panel display that sets a new standard of protection, against the harshest environments.

"By providing a simple, seamless engineering solution that outperforms any other outdoor TV, the Ciil fully-sealed flat panel display is the definition of what an outdoor display should be," says Jack McKeague, General Manager, Ciil Technologies. "The unique design allows the presentation of a slim, attractive flat panel display that is robust enough to handle the elements with ease. There has never been an outdoor TV that provides this level of protection from the elements with this attractive of a design."

Ciil flat panel displays stand out from the competition because they go beyond "weatherproof," and are 100 percent completely sealed, according to McKeague. Competitor TVs, he notes, are built with vents and filters that can often lead to water, dust and insect damage over time. Ciil's unique manufacturing approach has no vents or filters, making it impossible for moisture or microscopic dust to collect and get inside the display, creating an outdoor screen that can operate without fail under the harshest of conditions.

Not only do Ciil flat panel displays boast the highest waterproof (IP) rating and the highest dust proof (NEMA) rating, they have the widest operating range in their class.

In fact, Ciil's cutting-edge technology is so advanced that they exceed the highest IP rating of 68. At IP 68+, the Ciil flat panel display can easily withstand pressurized washing from any angle.  Additionally, the outdoor display can be submerged in up to five feet of water, continuing to operate reliably for up to eight hours. This will be demonstrated at the Ciil exhibit at InfoComm.

Ciil's patented Fully-Encapsulated Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ System keeps internal components safely warmed in extreme cold and properly cooled in extreme heat all without vents, filters or exhaust fans. This system completely eliminates the possibility of water, dust, insects or air getting inside the display. Its seamless design prevents the accumulation of water or dust, prohibiting any substance from working its way inside that could potentially harm the display's functionality.

An ultra-smooth, ultra-thin 1/4 inch bezel offers puts the emphasis on the display's content, rather than the display itself. Where other similar products have a thicker bezel, Ciil enables the display to fill the entire screen, rather than the image being tampered by a thick divider between screens when used in a video wall application. "The bezel is so slim on the Ciil outdoor TV, it makes it possible to create stunning outdoor video walls... a true screen that fits within its application. It appears as one large panel," says McKeague.

Geared primarily toward the commercial market, Ciil TVs are available for a variety of entertainment-related and digital signage settings, including stadiums and arenas, airports, amusement parks, restaurants and bars, hotels, college campuses and more.

Ciil Technologies' TVs will be available for purchase starting this month. For pricing, or for more information, send email inquiries to or visit

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