Ciklum, Provider of Outsourcing to Ukraine, at E Commerce Expo

Oct 21, 2010, 10:27 ET from Ciklum

LONDON, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Ciklum - - the IT outsourcing company offering nearshoring in Eastern Europe, showcased its portfolio of services at E Commerce Expo 2010. The online retail UK trade show, at which Ciklum, provider of software development in Eastern Europe, was exhibiting on Stand 316, was held on 19th – 20th October at Olympia, London.

Ciklum is the leading IT company, offering outsourcing to Ukraine, which specialises in providing nearshore software development. Clients pursuing nearshoring in Eastern Europe are provided with their own development teams based in the Ukraine, so that their software development can be more innovative and creative than traditional off-shore models, offering a solution which can be tailored to their individual business requirements.  With over 850 specialists and 100 global client teams at present, the organisation is continually expanding to meet the demands of the market.

According to the 2009 CHAOS Report, only 32% of all outsourced software projects succeeded, while 68% either failed or were severely challenged. In addition, IAG Consulting found that 68% of companies experienced a project failure due to target times not being met, functionality not being delivered and budgets being exceeded due to poor initial requirements gathering.

Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Ciklum UK, comments, "The tide has turned on traditional off-shore services as a means of deriving substantial cost savings from IT development because the results aren't standing up to scrutiny. Usually 'backshoring' – returning the activity to an in-house model – is the Plan B. However, few organisations in the current climate can afford domestic salaries and it is here that 'nearshore' services have stepped in. The most compelling propositions combine cost-efficiencies, often greater than those of traditional offshoring, with more familiar, flexible working practices and greater management control."

Wilson continues, "The traditional offshoring model of sequentially following a steady development process – often referred to as the 'waterfall model' – allows for no initiative to be taken as the specifications are adhered to blindly. Indeed, by the time any errors in the original project specifications are discovered, it is too late – the work has been done and the time and budget spent, leaving the client organisation with little choice but to invest again. Therefore, using resources, such as outsourcing to Ukraine and software development in Eastern Europe, that share a culture, time zone and work ethic, yet still deliver all the benefits of outsourcing, and also offer an initiative-based service that avoids errors in specifications derailing projects, is a far more cost effective option than either traditional offshoring or in-house management. Simply put, the addition of initiative into the outsourcing offering prevents avoidable issues."

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About Ciklum

Ciklum is a Danish IT outsourcing company specializing in nearshore software development by establishing and servicing clients' own development teams in Ukraine. The environment of services and knowledge sharing within the company helps clients to market quickly and with less risk and minimal investment. Established in 2002, Ciklum, specialists in software development in Eastern Europe, employs more than 800 specialists with more than 100 global client teams. Ciklum has four development offices for outsourcing to Ukraine, two in Pakistan, and one in Belarus, as well as representative offices in Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Ciklum is a winner of Red Herring 100 Europe 2009, recognized as CeBIT 2010 Top 20 innovative company delivering services/products for small and medium sized companies, and named the 2010 Top 100 global services provider through its nearshoring in Eastern Europe.

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