Cinergy & New York State

Oct 06, 2010, 15:07 ET from Cinergy Health

NEW YORK, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Cinergy Health, a leading health insurance agency, issued the following statement today:

"Cinergy Health is actively coordinating with various states' insurance departments to establish standards of practice to ensure consumers are fully informed before deciding to purchase a mini-med policy. Cinergy Health offers limited benefit health insurance, sometimes called mini-med plans. These plans offer reduced coverage for outpatient and inpatient health services for a lower premium than major medical plans typically charge, and are the right alternative for some consumers who don't have or can't qualify for other traditional insurance options.

In today's radically changing health insurance industry, consumers, doctors and many others (including many of the politicians signing the bills) are confused about how the gradual implementation of healthcare reform affects the health insurance industry.  Many are in fact unaware that the full roll-out of healthcare reform won't be evident until 2014, and consumers and small businesses alike continue to need to explore affordable health insurance options.  

Some standards adhered to by Cinergy to ensure consumer comprehension include:

  • Advertising which clearly conveys the limits of a mini-med plan as compared to a major medical plan and specifically identifying the insurance companies that underwrite the insurance;
  • Ensuring agents follow detailed scripts when talking with customers and through easy to read member materials that illustrate  benefits and limitations;
  • Establishing strong quality control measures;
  • Enhancing agent training programs;
  • Detailing the description of costs so customers know exactly what monthly fees pay for.

Cinergy is attempting to raise the bar for other agencies focusing on limited benefit health insurance to follow suit and begin providing more disclosures up-front to avoid confusion among consumers in an already confusing landscape of health insurance.

We remain committed to providing all of our consumers with quality, affordable health insurance. During these turbulent times for American healthcare, we remain committed to working with providers, consumers and the government to find effective solutions for American consumers. "


SOURCE Cinergy Health