Cinergy Health Responds To Overwhelming Rise in Obesity

Leading Provider of Affordable Health Insurance Offers Five Simple Tips on How Americans Can Improve Health in the New Year

Jan 07, 2010, 10:25 ET from Cinergy Health

AVENTURA, Fla., Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Cinergy Health, a nationwide agency for guaranteed issue and short term major medical insurance programs, responds to a new statistic that shows obesity outranks smoking as the main concern in healthcare. Although, the number of smokers decreased by 18.5 percent in the last 15 years; the number of obese adults rose by 85 percent, putting obesity in the forefront of healthcare concerns for 2010.

"Obesity causes multiple illnesses and skyrockets healthcare costs for both individuals and employers," said Daniel Touizer, CEO of Cinergy Health. "Cinergy Health created this guide to encourage Americans to take charge of their healthcare, which will in turn lower premiums."

Cinergy Health medical director Dr. Margaret Lewin has created her top tips for preventing and combating obesity:

  1. Stay active. Start walking 20 minutes a day. Even simple activities, such as taking the stairs or walking to the store, help tremendously.
  2. Limit alcohol. Cut back to half the amount of beer, wine and hard liquor you drink a week.
  3. Drink more water. Many times people mistake dehydration for hunger signals in the body. Drink 8-10 glasses a day as it cleanses and detoxifies all the impurities in your system.
  4. Eat Healthy. The FDA recommends that the average person consume 2,000 calories per day in foods such as dairy, meats, breads, fruits, vegetables and legumes.
  5. Get some sleep. Get 6-7 hours of sleep a night. You will get healthier and feel better.

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CINERGY HEALTH, with headquarters in Florida, is a nationwide provider of innovative and affordable health insurance solutions designed to meet the changing needs of American families. Recognizing the financial challenges for people who cannot afford or qualify for costly major medical insurance plans, Cinergy Health designs and delivers lower cost alternative health plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services and enable people to maintain better health. Cinergy Health Preferred Insurance Plans are limited medical benefit plans, which provide first dollar coverage for the predictable medical care people need most frequently. These insurance plans provide coverage starting with a member's very first doctor's visit without a deductible so that s/he doesn't put off important medical care. From doctor visits and diagnostics to maternity and surgery, Cinergy provides essential coverage that's easily within most people's budgets. Further, plan members can choose doctors and hospitals of their choice without being confined to a list.

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