CIPD Expects 75% Time Saving Through New Collaborative Authoring and Enterprise Content Management Project with ECM Specialist The Content Group

Jun 15, 2010, 08:32 ET from The Content Group

GODALMING, England, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- In June 2008, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) embarked upon a three year Enterprise Content Management strategy to maximise its collaborative authoring ability and the value and speed to market of its intellectual property. Working with The Content Group (TCG) its ECM specialist partner, CIPD has prioritised its online activity to provide customers with rapid access to new online products using content management tools from EMC Documentum, Just Systems and SDL Tridion. As a result of the project, the organisation now expects upwards of 75% of a new product to be based on existing intellectual property through collaborative authoring, which has simply not been possible before due to the information silos around the organisation.

CIPD is the professional body for those involved in the management and deployment of people. With over 135,000 individual members, CIPD's aim is to lead in the development and promotion of good practice in the field of management and development of people.

The institute delivers a range of services, from subscription-based information resources to training materials, as well as events. However, as Eileen Pevreall, IT Director, CIPD, explains, the organisation's traditional departmental and manual approach to content creation has resulted in multiple information silos that constrains opportunities for information sharing, reuse and repurpose. "CIPD is a knowledge business, but the organisation has not been maximising its intellectual property," she adds.

As a result, in June 2008, CIPD embarked upon a strategic ECM programme to improve information resources and enable far more effective content sharing, reuse and repurposing across the organisation.

CIPD turned to ECM specialist The Content Group (TCG) for advice on the strategic direction and management of the ECM programme. Working closely with CIPD, TCG compiled the organisation's three year Enterprise Content Management strategy, setting budgets and timelines, before embarking upon a review of enabling technology solutions. ECM specialist TCG reviewed a number of collaborative authoring tools before providing CIPD with a shortlist.

In August 2008, CIPD opted to purchase EMC Documentum Xhive and Just Systems XMetal to facilitate content and collaborative authoring, initially for the new online subscription services. This was followed in December 2008 with a decision to purchase web content management from SDL Tridion.

ECM specialist TCG also undertook to manage the relationships within the Enterprise Content Management project for collaborative authoring with these organisations to provide CIPD with a single point of contact throughout the development and implementation process. "TCG's advice was invaluable in helping CIPD to understand business requirements, streamlining the product selection, architecting the solutions chosen and really working with the organisation to get an infrastructure in place that will enable rapid product delivery to the market," Pevreall adds.

CIPD is now into the second year of this three year programme and working closely with ECM specialist TCG on the next key area of development in the transition towards a single repository of all information.

Critically, leveraging the tools now in place and a single repository of information will enable CIPD to significantly improve its time to market through collaborative authoring with a range of products both on and offline. Indeed, rather than commissioning new content for new products, the organisation now expects upwards of 75% of a new product to be based on existing intellectual property. "This ECM infrastructure will make it far more effective to develop and get products out to market quickly across the whole of the organisation," Pevreall confirms.

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