CIR Releases Paper Titled, 'Enabling Technologies for Board-level Optical Interconnects'

Jun 24, 2010, 07:00 ET from CIR

GLEN ALLEN, Va., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- CIR, a leading provider of research and analysis for optical components and modules, today announced the release of a new paper titled, "Enabling Technologies for Board-level Optical Interconnects."  The paper was drawn from a recent report from the firm, "New Revenue Opportunities for Optical Interconnects: A Market and Technology Forecast" that predicted that revenues from optical interconnect products will exceed $3.5 billion ($US) revenues by the year 2015.  The paper is available for free download on the CIR website at  

CIR believes that significant new business opportunities are emerging for suppliers of optical interconnect technology including firms with roots in the diode laser, active optical cabling, transceiver, and semiconductor industries as well as those that supply this industry with connectors and fiber-optic cables. 

In a recently published analysis-- New Revenue Opportunities for Optical Interconnects: A Market and Technology Forecast – the firm indicates that there are essentially two kinds of opportunities,  rack-based interconnects that CIR expects to generate as much as $3.5 billion by 2015 and board-based and chip-based systems, the focus of the paper.   While these may not generate significant revenues directly for eight to ten years, they are needed now as a key enabling technology for computer and telecom/datacom equipment which is increasingly limited by the speed of internal connections when it comes to deploying the latest processors.  This is the reason that major firms from the computer sector have made announcements in board-level interconnection in the past year.

About the Report:

CIR's report provides in-depth analysis of optical interconnects markets and technologies. The specific purpose of this study focuses on likely new business opportunities for components including cable assemblies, chip-to-chip, on-board, cable and connectors and subsystems and modules firms utilizing or selling optical interconnects. In the report we discuss the markets for optical interconnects, which will include VSR telecom, servers and SANs (data centers) cabling, on-chip and chip-to-chip potential products. We also analyze how these developments in interconnection will impact the rest of the network. Also included is an analysis of the different types of possible new optical interconnect products like Light Peak from Intel and optical engines, that are now available from several suppliers, and how these products will affect the network. In addition, we cover optical integration and how its changing landscape will shape on-chip and chip-to-chip optical interconnects as well as novel laser types. The report includes forecasts for optical interconnect products by product type in volume and revenue terms.

About CIR

CIR provides detailed market analysis and forecasting of the trends, technologies and opportunities in telecom and data communications components and modules markets. Since 1979 CIR has produced numerous reports that have tracked the cutting edge of the communications sector with a special focus on emerging technologies and high bandwidth networking.