City Electric Supply Selects T5 Retrofit Kit for Fall Promotion, Brings T5 Technology to Forefront of Lighting Industry

Nov 09, 2010, 11:13 ET from The Green Savings Company LLC

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Green Savings Company LLC, a leading provider of energy efficient lighting solutions, today announced that their flagship product the T5 Retrofit Kit has been selected by City Electric Supply (CES) as one of four Fall featured products. City Electric Supply is one of North America's largest distributors of electrical supplies. The Green Savings Company's T5 Retrofit Kit, which allows the consumer to easily modify their current fluorescent lighting into a more energy efficient fixture, is an adaptable and affordable alternative that provides exceptional energy savings while reducing carbon footprint. City Electric Supply's Fall product promotion commences November 26, 2010 and runs through February 25, 2011.

With over 370 locations nationwide, City Electric Supply services thousands of electrical contractors, commercial and industrial customers, institutions and the general public. "We chose the T5 Retrofit Kit for our promotion due to its universal application," says Neil Mallinson, one of CES's General Managers, "it is manufactured to high quality and saves energy from the moment it is turned on." Mallinson also points out that the T5 Retrofit Kit also produces better light quality, and that all customers are guaranteed to see a ROI through reduced electricity usage. According to Mallinson, the T5 Retrofit Kit has "great appeal across the board."

The T5 Retrofit Kit is available in 2-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot lengths for both commercial and residential applications. The series has a universal voltage from 90V AC – 300V AC and a bi-pin adapter for simple T12 or T8 conversion. Additionally, the Green Savings Company's product line stands as one of the few lighting conversion kits on the market to have earned a UL rating. All three sizes offer 40,000 hours of ballast lifespan and are backed by a minimum 30-month warranty.

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The Green Savings Company is a worldwide leader in energy-efficient lighting for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and residential properties. As the sole provider of the UL certified T5 Retrofit Kit, GSC provides electrical and lighting distributors with the most innovative and cost-effective fluorescent lighting solutions available. The Fort Lauderdale-based company is helping businesses save money while simultaneously making a significant and socially responsible contribution to the environment.

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