City of Pompano Beach Selects Evolucia's LED Cobra head Fixtures

Patented Aimed Optics™ technology saturates the roadway with cool white light at a mounting height of 60 feet and pole spacing of 300 feet

Aug 26, 2013, 11:22 ET from Evolucia Inc.

SARASOTA, Fla., Aug. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Evolucia, Inc. (Fully reporting OTCQB and OTCBB listed: ILED) is pleased to announce that it has completed the initial installations of its 200 Watt LED cobra head fixtures along the main thoroughfares in Pompano Beach, Florida.  The city of 100,000+ is replacing its inefficient 460 Watt metal halide streetlights with Evolucia's 200 Watt LED Aimed Optics cobra head luminaires.  The new street lights are installed along Atlantic Avenue, Federal Highway/US-1 and Copans Road, primary traffic arteries in the beautiful ocean front city along Florida's Atlantic coastline.

Pompano Beach's decision to switch to Evolucia's award winning LED street lights has reduced energy consumption by almost 60%, and has increased visibility and security along the roadways.  In addition, the selection of Evolucia's fixtures allowed the city to virtually eliminate light pollution as the new LED cobra head fixtures employ Evolucia's patented Aimed Optics™ technology which strategically aims light directly at the target area.  This proprietary technology is the reason that Evolucia's fixtures outperform the competition, and is one of the only fixtures in the industry that meet roadway specifications at mounting heights of 60 feet and pole spacing of 300 feet.

Siemens Industry Inc., the energy management company for the city, recommended the selection of Evolucia LED fixtures to the city after Siemens had completed an extensive evaluation of the highest performing LED street lighting products in the market.  Evolucia's fixtures were tested and compared side by side against the leading products in the industry, and outperformed every competing fixture.  "We had partnered with Evolucia on projects in Sarasota and have been impressed with the performance of both the product and the Evolucia team," said Gary Kreisler, Sales Project Manager, Siemens Industry Inc., "Pompano Beach's mounting heights were taller than typical street lighting, so light performance was essential, and the Evolucia product outperformed the other products tested."

"With pole heights of 60 feet and pole spacing of 300 feet, the challenge to deliver a bright and uniform light was daunting for most of the competitive products," said Craig Hall, Business Development Director at Evolucia. "In most cases, the height and spacing caused a 'zebra-effect' – dark and light stripes on the roadway.  This zebra-effect is not acceptable—light and shadow cause visibility problems even in the most favorable driving conditions.  Our patented Aimed Optics technology increases the light output of our LED fixtures by 20%, and is the reason why our fixtures were selected by the US Department of Energy as the best street light in the industry," added Hall.

With a 10 year warranted life, Pompano Beach will also save on the expenses associated with replacing burnt out street lights.  The metal halide products had to be replaced every three years, which not only included the cost of new metal halide bulbs, but also the expense of hiring multiple certified lighting technicians, a bucket truck and the diversion of traffic.  Because the roadways being re-lamped are major thoroughfares, rerouting traffic often caused safety concerns, such as lane closures and traffic jams.

About Evolucia Inc.
Evolucia Inc. is an industry pioneer in the design, engineering, manufacture and marketing of high performance LED lighting systems to the global lighting markets.  Evolucia received the United States Department of Energy's highest award for lighting within the LED category, and has installed thousands of its fixtures at military bases, universities, municipalities, and large commercial entities.  Evolucia's LED lighting products are sold under the brand, Evolucia Lighting (

All Evolucia products offer highly energy efficient, durable, commercial-grade LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. The company's award winning cobra head and shoe box fixtures employ Evolucia's proprietary Aimed Optics™ technology, which increases light levels and visibility by strategically directing light to the target area.  Evolucia fixtures require 50%-80% less energy than traditional lighting, and last for approximately 12 years without maintenance.

More information about Evolucia Inc and its LED lighting systems is available in the company's Securities and Exchange filings, which can be found at or at

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Image with caption: "Evolucia bright white Aimed Optics LED light sources eliminate the "zebra effect"--dark and light shadowing caused by pole heights, spacing and older lighting technology along Pompano Beach's Copans Road. Evolucia's Aimed Optics technology platform and energy efficient LED street lighting increased visibility, improved safety and security and drastically cuts maintenance costs." Image available at:

Image with caption: "View of Copans Road in Pompano Beach, Florida before Evolucia's LED lighting retrofit. Safety, security and energy savings prompted the city to consider Evolucia Aimed Optics LED light sources to brighten major city roadways." Image available at:


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