City of Santa Clarita Upgrades Search and Rescue Technology to Improve Safety for At-Risk Adults and Children

EmSeeQ® Wearable Locator System Integrates with Current 9-1-1 Services to Speed Rescue of Individuals with Alzheimer's, Dementia and Autism

Mar 15, 2011, 16:26 ET from EmFinders

FRISCO, Texas, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The City of Santa Clarita is proud to announce the availability of the EmFinder's EmSeeQ® wearable locator system that uses cellular technology to quickly locate individuals who are prone to wandering due to cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer's, dementia or autism. The City has joined with other progressive California communities like Long Beach and Santa Clara County to upgrade the city's search and rescue technology to locate wandering and lost persons.

Starting March 14, 2011, a limited quantity of discounted or free EmSeeQ bracelets are available to those with a diagnosed cognitive disorder and financial need. Individual families who receive the devices are responsible for registering the device and paying a $25 fee per month for location services. EmSeeQ devices are also available for purchase as a tool to help in the search and rescue of vulnerable citizens who are prone to becoming lost and may be unable to identify themselves or ask for help.

EmFinders works directly with emergency 911 dispatchers to greatly reduce the search timeframe for a rescue operation. The special needs individual wears the bracelet 24/7 or as needed, based on the unique situation. If the individual is missing or has wandered off, the caregiver calls 911 to report the elopement and then contacts EmFinders to activate the EmSeeQ device. The personal bracelet device places a call and provides its location to 911 dispatchers who can then send assistance, as they do every day for thousands of wireless 911 calls.

One of the best features of the EmSeeQ bracelets is that it can be used to track the whereabouts of a missing person just about anywhere in the U.S., not just in Santa Clarita. The wearable watch-like EmSeeQ system uses the nationwide U-TDOA cellular technology, which locates more than 60 million 911 calls a year, to accurately determine the location of the device wearer, enabling rescuers to quickly find him or her. The system helps eliminate time-consuming search and rescue operations that can jeopardize the lost individual's safety and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

"Because the EmFinders system utilizes the emergency 911 mobile system, our Sheriff Deputies now have an enhanced ability to quickly locate missing special needs individuals and reunite them with their families," said Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Pulskamp.

"As one of the leading centers of high technology in the United States, we are continually evaluating the cost and benefit of leveraging technological advancements for the community," said Technology Services Manager Kevin Tonoian. "With the ability to quickly locate a missing person in the city, or across the country, this system offers tremendous piece of mind to families with special need individuals."

"We are honored to have the City of Santa Clarita on board with the EmSeeQ system," said EmFinders CEO Jim Nalley. "The system has already proven itself with life-saving rescues in California, and we look forward to extending these services to the residents of Santa Clarita."

Two local agencies are handling requests and inquiries about the EmSeeQ device in Santa Clarita. For inquiries regarding adults with Alzheimer's or dementia, please contact Diana Sevanian with the Santa Clarita Valley Committee on Aging at 661-259-9444.

For children, youth and adults with autism, cognitive impairment or related conditions, particularly for non-verbal individuals with a tendency to wander or become lost, please contact Emily Iland of the Santa Clarita Autism Asperger Network (SCAAN) at 661-297-4205 or email  

Santa Clarita Special Needs Registry (SNR)

The EmSeeQ bracelets are an enhancement to the Santa Clarita Special Needs Registry (SNR), an existing confidential safety program available at no cost for residents in Santa Clarita. The SNR provides Sheriff Department personnel with secure access to information to help people with special needs who may become lost, found, injured or need special assistance in an emergency or encounter with first responders. The SNR assists Santa Clarita Sheriffs in responding to and/or searching for any missing local person with a special need. Families provide key information using the online SNR, including:

  • A photograph, description and contact information for the special needs individual;
  • Special medical, safety and behavioral concerns for the special needs; and
  • Accommodations that may be needed to interact with the person.

Santa Clarita residents are encouraged to enroll a family member in the secure, protected database online at The Special Needs Registry (SNR) is maintained by the city of Santa Clarita in conjunction with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station and SCAAN. ID cards are also provided to the caregiver and the person with special needs to assist with identification and response in an emergency situation. More information is found at

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EmFinders, based in Frisco, TX, is a new technology company that has developed a device and subscription service for locating people with Alzheimer's or other impaired adults and children who wander and become lost. The wearable device and locator service uses advanced cellular technology to locate lost individuals, even if they wander inside a building, under a structure or just about anywhere. The device becomes activated on remote command and the locator service works in coordination with emergency responders. EmFinders is a privately held subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation attributed to the Liberty Capital group (Nasdaq: LCAPA), which owns a broad range of electronic retailing, media, communications and entertainment businesses. For more information, visit

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