Clariant Wins Top ICIS Innovation Award for 2012

Oct 22, 2012, 05:00 ET from ICIS

LONDON, October 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

ICIS, a leading global provider of news and information for the chemical and energy sectors, today announces the winners in the ICIS Innovation Awards 2012.

These annual awards are supported by Dow Corning as lead sponsor, with category sponsorship by management consultancy Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (Best Product Innovation), chemical distributor U.S. Chemicals (Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit), polymer major Bayer MaterialScience (Best Innovation for Sustainability) and Shell Chemicals (Best Business Innovation).

Overall winner for 2012

The panel of six leading industry experts (see below) awarded Clariant of Switzerland the prize for Best Overall Innovation for its development of novel dyes and processes that reduce substantially the amount of water used in producing denim. Clariant's Advanced Denim innovation also won the category for Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit.

The winners of the category awards are:

Best Product Innovation    
Dow Chemical (US)
INFUSE olefin block copolymers

Best Innovation by an SME    
Novomer (US)
Innovative catalyst platform for producing acrylic acid, BDO and polypropiolactone

Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit    
Clariant (Switzerland)    
Advanced Denim

Best Innovation for Sustainability
Rhodia, part of the Solvay Group

The new rare earths "urban mine"

Best Business Innovation    
Not awarded this year

NOTE: In the Best Business Innovation category, the judges agreed after careful consideration that none of the limited number of entries met the criteria of this category as set out by ICIS. Even though the product and process innovations involved were of high quality, they did not represent examples of true business innovation.

Awards confirm growing move to bio-based technologies

John Baker, global editor at ICIS, who manages the ICIS Innovation Awards, commented: "The Awards continue to highlight the best the chemical industry has to offer in the way of innovation and providing solutions to society's needs.

"This year continued to see the significant emphasis on bio-based technologies that has been growing over the past 3-5 years as companies seek to replace oil and gas feedstocks in the chemical industry, cut carbon emissions and reduce their and their customers' environmental footprints.

"Indeed, most entries focused around helping the environment and maintaining the sustainability of the industry, while at the same time helping customers and driving bottom line growth for companies."

ICIS congratulates all the winners and indeed all those companies that reached the shortlist. The Awards will be presented at a lunch in London on 7 December.

The judges this year were:

  • Dr Gregg Zank, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Dow Corning
  • Dr Neil Checker, partner, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
  • Hans-Wilhelm Engels, senior vice president, Innovation & Specialties or  Coatings, Adhesives & Specialties, Bayer MaterialScience
  • Alexander Farina, general manager for chemicals strategy, Shell Chemicals
  • Dr Steven Fletcher, director of delivery programmes, Chemistry Innovation
  • Professor James Clark, director, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York


Overall winner/ Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit

Manel Domingo, Manel Jimenez and Nuria Estape
Advanced Denim
Production of denim, which accounts for 14% of global cotton usage, usually requires large quantities of water - an increasingly scarce commodity. Swiss specialty chemical producer Clariant has developed technology that simplifies the finishing and dyeing of the fabric, reducing water consumption by as much as 92%. In addition, cotton waste is reduced by two-thirds and energy savings by 30%. The two processes, called Denim-Ox and Pad/Sizing Ox, use innovative Diresul RDT sulphur dyes that reduce the number of vat stages needed. Clariant has calculated that if the technology were used for just a quarter of world denim production, water saving would amount to 62m m3/year.

Best Product Innovation

Dow Chemical

Dr Ted Carnahan, Dr Phil Hustad, Karen Fennessy-Ketola, Dr Angela Taha, Dr Colin LiPi Shan, Dr Pradeep Jain, Lisa Madenjian, Susan Gill and Jennifer Carnahan
INFUSE olefin block copolymers - establishing new boundaries of polymer science
Dow Chemical's INFUSE olefin block copolymers (OBCs) have enabled new combinations of property performance in olefinic elastomers thanks to their innovative block architecture. Dow has developed these breakthrough materials using a proprietary catalytic system that allows for more precise control of the polymer microstructure. A chain-shuttling agent transfers growing polymer chains between two distinct catalysts with different monomer selectivities in a single polymerization reactor. Soft blocks of flexible polymer are blended with hard blocks of high melting-point polymer in a continuous process. The result is material with improved high-temperature performance, faster setup in processing and better abrasion resistance.

Best Innovation by an SME


Jim Mahoney
Innovative catalyst platform for producing acrylic acid, BDO and polypropiolactone
US-based Novomer is commercializing a homogeneous catalyst system capable of combining carbon monoxide with ethylene oxide (EO) to produce the versatile intermediate propiolactone. This can be used to produce chemicals such as acrylic acid (AA), acrylate esters, butanediol (BDO), tetrahydrofuran, succinic acid and polypropiolactone (PPL) - a new polymer type with good material properties and biodegradability. The innovative technology promises reduced cost and lower carbon and energy footprints. Novomer says its vision is for low molecular weight (MW) PPL to be shipped globally and converted to AA or acrylate esters, and for high MW PPL to be used as a packaging thermoplastic and for upgrading into glacial AA on recycling.

Best Innovation for Sustainability

Rhodia, part of the Solvay Group

Nicolas Barthel, Jean-Jacques Braconnier, Alain Rollat and Frederic Carencotte
The new rare earths urban mine

With growing usage in hi-tech products and tight supply, a sustainable supply of rare earth elements is a growing concern. Solvay has been looking at innovative ways of recycling rare earth metals from various sources. Its Coleop'Terre project focuses on the recovery of phosphor powders from energy-saving light bulbs. The powder, containing 10-20% rare earths, is processed to recover a range of compounds using liquid-liquid separation technologies. These can then be re-used to prepare new phosphor precursors, thus closing the loop. Solvay expects to treat several thousand tonnes/year initially at its Rhodia plants in Saint Fons (concentration) and La Rochelle (separation and precursor production).


  1. The awards are organised by ICIS, the chemical publishing arm of Reed Business Information, part of global publishing group Reed Elsevier.
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  3. This is the ninth year of the awards. The originator and organiser of the awards is John Baker, the head of custom publishing at ICIS and a former editor of ICIS Chemical Business (formerly known as European Chemical News).

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  1. The awards have been sponsored for all nine years by Dow Corning, which has a strong focus on innovation and R&D as part of its growth strategy.

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