Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Evaporator Coil Defects In Central Air Conditioning Units Sold Under The Goodman® and Amana® Brands

Nov 16, 2012, 16:39 ET from Tycko & Zavareei LLP

BURLINGTON, Ky., Nov. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, the law firms of Tycko & Zavareei LLP and Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Goodman Global, Inc. and its affiliates for allegedly selling defective central air conditioning units.  The civil action was filed in Kentucky state court on behalf of all consumers in Kentucky, and in the United States, that purchased a central air conditioning unit bearing the trade names Goodman® and Amana® from 2008 to the present.

The lawsuit alleges that Goodman and Amana central air conditioning units sold during this time frame contained defective evaporator coils that improperly and prematurely rupture and leak refrigerant (a.k.a. Freon), which in turn causes the air conditioners to stop functioning properly.  The lawsuit also alleges that Goodman has known about the defective evaporator coils since at least 2008, but that the company has failed to inform consumers about the problem or issue a recall.

The lead plaintiff, Susan Pastor-Richard, acquired her Goodman air conditioner when her family moved into their new house in November 2009.  As alleged in the complaint, after only one summer of use, her Goodman air conditioner stopped working.  According to the lawsuit, she added Freon to it, which allowed it to function over the next summer.  But as also alleged in the complaint, in summer 2012, Ms. Pastor's Goodman air conditioner again stopped working and she found out that the evaporator coil on her unit had ruptured and was leaking Freon.  Goodman allegedly refused to repair her unit or provide any credit toward the cost of repairs.  Through their investigations, attorneys for the putative class have uncovered numerous reports of similar incidents across the county.

The lawsuit is captioned Susan Pastor-Richard v. Goodman Global, Inc., et al., civil action no. 12-CI-2239, and a copy of the complaint can be found at the website of Tycko & Zavareei LLP,


SOURCE Tycko & Zavareei LLP