Class Action Trial Could Cost GNC Tens of Millions

Feb 02, 2016, 06:14 ET from Hoffman Employment Lawyers

OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Hoffman Employment Lawyers announced Jury Selection begins February 5, 2016 in a class action lawsuit against General Nutrition Corporation, better known as GNC.  The outcome of the trial will resolve the claims of over 8,000 current and former employees of GNC.  The lawsuit alleges that; GNC failed to provide its employees with meal and rest periods, that GNC failed to reimburse its employees for time and expenses incurred in making bank deposits after closing the store, and that GNC failed to issue final paychecks to terminated employees in a timely manner consistent with California law.  The lawsuit also alleges that GNC's paystubs violate California law because they fail to disclose information required under California law.  The Court has already ruled in favor of GNC's employees on the paystub claim and the amount of damages owing to the class for these violations will be determined at trial.

The case, initiated by former employee Charles Brewer in 2011, is the first in a series of wage and hour lawsuits brought by GNC employees against GNC. "Rather than treating its employees as valuable assets and making a good-faith effort to follow the law, GNC has implemented policies designed to circumvent compliance. These policies have the effect of padding GNC's pockets at the expense of its employees, many of whom are earning the minimum wage," said Plaintiffs' counsel Leonard Emma

Plaintiff's claim that GNC's own corporate records will prove their claims and that GNC cannot provide adequate documentation to support its defenses. "GNC's time records show hundreds of thousands of noncompliant meal and rest periods" argued the plaintiffs' attorney Stephen Ilg of Hoffman Employment Lawyers.  Plaintiffs' counsel Chad Pradmore added that "GNC has no documentation demonstrating that it has actually reimbursed employees for automobile expenses."

"GNC continues to reap the benefits, year after year, of short-changing its employees by withholding millions of dollars in unpaid wages and premiums to its employees," said attorney Michael Hoffman.  After four and half years of litigation, GNC's employees are about to get their day in Court.

The law firm representing the employees, Hoffman Employment Lawyers, is encouraging current and former employees to contact them by emailing the attorneys directly at:

The case is Brewer v. General Nutrition Corp., case number 4:11-cv-03587, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.


SOURCE Hoffman Employment Lawyers