Cleantech and New Energy Awards Announced

Oct 08, 2012, 11:00 ET from The New Economy

LONDON, October 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

As The New Economy announces the winners of the Cleantech and New Energy Awards, governments and organisations have made it clear that energy providers' strategies are still fundamental to the future of business development.

The two-day blackout experienced across two thirds of India in July illustrated that the nation's power demands rest on a knife edge. In a country whose cities use an estimated 40 percent of electricity on air conditioning to make working life tolerable, intelligent solutions are clearly required to utilise available energy to maximum efficiency. And India is far from the only country in this situation.

With the need for a smarter use of resources to meet ever-growing demands, the Cleantech and New Energy Awards 2012 offer commendation to the companies and projects whose work is pioneering new ways of generating energy and efficiency in energy usage. Their ingenuity in the field offers a brighter prospect for the use.

The award winners represent a large spectrum of intelligent ideas for the creation and saving of energy and resources. From better ways to preserve water to creating power via hydroelectricity, The New Economy has evaluated the projects that will serve and impact on the way of life well into the next century. The winners represent the companies who are delivering progress in this area while considering our relationship with the environment at the same time.

The Clean Tech and New Energy Awards 2012 also celebrate the companies who have pursued new thinking for existing technologies. Focusing on efficiency, these winners have demonstrated their excellence through projects such as achieving greater power generation from wind turbines and developing higher-yielding and less costly solar panels.

The New Economy presents these well-earned accolades and offers its warmest congratulations to all winners and looks forward to a brighter future they offer us.

The full announcement of The Clean Tech and New Energy Awards 2012, along with articles on some of the winning technologies, can be found in the Autumn edition of The New Economy in shops now. To see a full listing of award winners please visit:

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SOURCE The New Economy