Clear Ballot Voting System Increases Efficiency and Transparency in Elections in Colorado and Oregon

Clear Ballot's ClearVote system successfully used in November 3rd elections in Colorado Counties of Gilpin and Adams, and Oregon Counties of Multnomah, Josephine and Linn

Nov 11, 2015, 10:45 ET from Clear Ballot

BOSTON, Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Election jurisdictions in Colorado and Oregon successfully conducted elections using Clear Ballot's ClearVote voting system on November 3rd, improving the efficiency and transparency of their election processes.

The ClearVote voting system has provided election officials with an easy and intuitive ballot layout process, a tabulation and reporting system that scans ballots with commercial off-the-shelf scanners and gives election officials a complete digital database of the election that includes visual verification of all votes.  ClearVote's digital inventory of the election also reduces ballot handling and potential errors.

ClearVote was certified for use in the state of Colorado during the live election evaluation phase of Colorado's Uniform Voting System process, an ongoing project that the Colorado Secretary of State's office began in 2014. Clear Ballot's ClearVote system was successfully used in Adams and Gilpin Counties in Colorado during the November 3rd elections as part of this evaluation by the Colorado Secretary of State's office.

Adams County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder Stan Martin stated that his county now has a much more efficient voting process in place through the County's use of the ClearVote system. "The use of Clear Ballot's voting system saved us 5,350 work hours and approximately $60,000 in comparison to the time and money spent during our last election," said Martin. "5,600 ballots had to be manually processed through our old system, but through the ClearVote system, this process is managed digitally, significantly increasing our efficiency."

In Gilpin County, Colorado, Clerk and Recorder Colleen Stewart described the ease of use and intuitive process of the ClearVote system. "Clear Ballot offers a complete voting system," said Stewart. "The ballot creation is easy to learn. The ADA accessible new generation touch screens were very popular with Gilpin County voters young and old. The system is affordable, easy to learn, reliable, and eliminated a lot of stress during the election cycle. Gilpin County voters love the system and so does our staff."

Several election officials from Colorado and other states attended the Clear Ballot pilots in Gilpin and Adams Counties along with Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams and members of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, The Bipartisan Policy Center and the National Conference for State Legislatures.

Clear Ballot's ClearVote system was also certified by the State of Oregon in May 2015 and the company immediately began working with Oregon Counties to determine the best solutions for updating their voting technology. Multnomah, Josephine and Linn Counties all successfully deployed ClearVote on their November 3rd elections. Additional Oregon Counties will be using the ClearVote system in future elections. Unlike the elections in Colorado which were successful pilot elections as part of Colorado's state voting system purchasing process, the Oregon Counties have purchased the ClearVote system and will be using it long term.

Josephine County, Oregon Clerk and Recorder Art Harvey said he was very pleased with the County's new voting technology. "The ClearVote voting system has been easy to use and intuitive. The adjudication process required two people for only 45 minutes, improving the efficiency in our processes. I'm happy with the new system."

Clear Ballot is pleased with the success of its customers during the November 3rd elections. "We are extremely proud of the way our ClearVote system performed during last week's elections for our county customers in both Colorado and Oregon," said Larry Moore, CEO of Clear Ballot. "All of the counties that used voting technology from Clear Ballot reported very smooth elections with significant improvements in the speed, performance and efficiency of their voting systems. They all saved time and money which is so important in today's climate where government officials need to do more with less. We look forward to more U.S. election jurisdictions finding success with voting solutions from Clear Ballot and the continued successful elections for the Colorado and Oregon customers with whom we enjoyed working during the November 3rd elections."

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