Clearette Breaks New Ground With Evod MT3 Personal Vaporisor And E-Liquids

Jan 31, 2014, 16:36 ET from Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company

GREAT RIVER, N.Y., Jan. 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company has launched their new line of personal vaporizers and fluids, strengthening its industry leading product lines. Featuring the regular 5 fruit flavors already on the market in the disposable Hookahs, the twelve new e-liquid fluids now include Watermelon-Martini, Blueberry, Pina Colada, Strawberry-Kiwi Margarita and Raspberry Daiquiri as well as traditional tobacco and menthol flavors.

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Clearette Product Specialist Joseph Arzola says, "It does not get any better than this. Now people will be able to purchase a quality Clearette personal vaporizer where they buy their coffee in the morning, and replenish their e-liquids at the same point of sale. Not everyone wants to go to a vapor shop in a strip mall or industrial park, now they won't need to do that at all."

Personal Vaporizers are also known as "tank systems" because they contain a refillable glass tank to add the e-liquids into.  The units are typically made of lightweight metal and contain a rechargeable battery, a clearomizer (glass tank) that houses the atomizer, and a USB charger.

Personal Vaporizers, also known as "PV's", offer alternative technology over the other types of electronic cigarettes.  They have a larger battery providing more vapor that gives users a more intense "throat hit", very similar to the feeling smokers get when using a traditional cigarette.  Due to the size of the battery, it will last several times longer when compared to the other types of e-cigs, and the flavor varieties are almost endless with users combining e-juices to create their own flavor "cocktails".

With vapor shops that sell personal vaporizers opening across the country in such numbers that in some communities new vapor storefronts have been banned, Clearette is the only top electronic cigarette company to introduce a mainstream retail point of sale personal vaporizer. National distribution through Clearette's Independent Distributors is scheduled to be fully implemented by end first quarter.

Clearette Electronic Cigarettes offers a realistic alternative to smoking tobacco products. Clearette E-Cigarettes create a tar and carcinogen-free vapor, which provides the taste and feel of a traditional cigarette without the harmful tobacco smoke, smell, or ash. For more information, please visit

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