Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company announces the new stay fresh foil pack

Dec 23, 2013, 13:12 ET from Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company

NEW YORK, Dec. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Beyond the fact that these packages dramatically reduce cartomizer evaporation, the new design continues our aim of separating the Clearette brand from other manufacturers on the market, specifically chief competitor's blu and Njoy, in terms of packaging. The new vibrantly colored high contrast packaging allows lateral name branding at larger font sizes to really punch out the Clearette brand to the consumer.


Extremely positive test market retailer and consumer response has been now supported by marked revenue increases in each specific market roll out of the new package design. Our marketing and design departments test marketed a multitude of options before settling on this bold new look. We consider Clearette packaging to be now aligned with some of the world's finest branded products, achieving the purpose of  instant consumer recognition and having the product punch out from other products.

Marcus M Becker, lead Web Design expert at Clearette, says, "It's all about visibility. We know our products are the best on the market in terms of taste, operation and battery life. We know that once a person tries a Clearette they come back and buy them again. We enhanced the packaging to make it easier for the consumer to recognize the market trend setter and innovator and the taste leader that we are."

The new packaging unique and bold look enhances the Clearette market advantage of choice as well. Becker states, "we have 6 levels of strength, we have the Hookah flavors and the rechargeables. We consume more point of sale square footage than any other brand, and now we have packaging that really pops. Every day people walk into a store and buy their first e-cig, now it's even more likely that it will be a Clearette, and therefore a great experience."

Clearette will continue to expand and promote these new package lines nationally over the next quarter, and fully expect initial and repeat sales to accelerate at record levels as Clearette's consumer brand awareness and consumer loyalty continue to grow.

Clearette Electronic Cigarettes offers a realistic alternative to smoking tobacco products. Our e-cig creates a tar and carcinogen-free vapor, which provides the taste and feel of a traditional cigarette without the harmful tobacco smoke, smell, or ash. For more information, please visit

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