Clearette Welcomes Eddie Last and Makes Move to Dominate European E-Cig Market

Jun 06, 2014, 16:49 ET from Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company

RONKONKOMA, N.Y., June 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company is broadening their reach into the European electronic cigarette market, with expansion plans now focusing on all EU member states in addition to Clearette's presence in the United Kingdom.   

Few U.S. based electronic cigarette companies have made the move into global markets, where the risk of establishing an unfamiliar brand can be offset by the huge reward of tens of millions of consumers.  Clearette has made 2 key decisions to help bring this vision to life and expedite the time frame in which they will gain market share. 

Firstly, with the appointment of Eddie Last to lead their sales and distribution throughout Europe, Clearette will be able to leverage his resources and experience to quickly penetrate the European market.  Mr. Last brings close to three decades of experience working at both private and public companies in executive roles.  He has developed product, sales, and marketing strategies throughout Europe in several industries while also managing key relationships to ensure continuous business growth.

Secondly, Clearette has just launched the "Clearette Bullet", their new disposable electronic cigarette that is closer in size to a traditional tobacco cigarette.  The new "Bullet" mimics the design style that has proven extremely popular throughout Europe with a bold flavor and sleek look that will surely allow it to stand out from the competition.  Coming in at 3.2% nicotine, they will be sold individually or in a 5 pack for those who enjoy cost savings.

Finally, the launch of Clearette's range of competitively priced personal vaporizers together with an amazing selection of tobacco and flavored e-liquids is designed to capture significant market share as demand grows rapidly everywhere for these 2nd generation devices.

Smokers comprise almost 30% of the population in Europe, creating a huge market for electronic cigarette and vapor products.  With a diversified, top-rated product line, superior commitment to customer satisfaction and their growing distribution network, Clearette plans on being the dominant player in the electronic cigarette market within the next three years. 

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