Thanks LGBT Veterans, Applauds Obama's Effort and Commitment in DADT Repeal

Dec 20, 2010, 19:27 ET from

WASHINGTON, Dec. 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- In a gesture of gratitude towards LGBT Veterans and Armed Forces Personnel is offering a free year's membership to active or retired military personnel and a free lifetime membership to any veteran who was discharged under DADT.

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Clicck was founded as a LGBT centric site with the purpose of legitimizing LGBT relationships by promoting positive images of LGBT couples to encourage and support LGBT singles searching for committed relationships.

CEO Chris Ovide seeks to reaffirm the corporation's goal of legitimizing and fostering love for all persons regardless or sexual orientation, sex, race or religion. "Right lately, we have had a great deal of internal discussion regarding various marketing and branding strategies that target a specific demographic without creating an appearance of exclusivity. That being said, I feel that the LGBT community needs a site where they are not only allowed but celebrated. It's similar to the positive effect recent marketing and visual media trends appear to have had on the African American community. By utilizing actors and models representing the diversity that is America, a more inclusive, supportive message is being communicated to all. This type of 'humanization' dispels stereotypes and promotes equality and self-confidence, working from an internal perspective rather than through external legislation."

While Clicck has added heterosexual visuals and marketing pieces that appeal to non LGBT singles, management remains committed to providing the LGBT community with a place openly dedicated to the dream that all persons can effectuate a loving, committed relationship without the burden of social stigma. "Internal homophobia is very prevalent in our community and has had very damaging side effects among many LGBTs. Negative stereotypes subtly distort the inner self, impairing one's self-esteem and self-worth. The result is many LGBTs have been conditioned to be unable to accept or engage in a mutually beneficial relationship," comments Mr. Ovide. "The need for favorable depictions of LGBT persons enjoying stable, healthy relationships will play an important role in addressing and healing internalized homophobia."

Mr. Ovide continues, "For 2000 years LGBTs have been forced to hide themselves, been dehumanized and depicted as sex crazed deviants. It's about time we are allowed to decide who we are as individuals and what type of relationship we need rather than society making that choice for us. To say LGBTs are incapable of having long-term, committed relationships would indicate there should be no need for legislation preventing us from doing just that. I thank President Obama for his determined persistence in getting DADT repealed as well as all of our service members and supporters who made this dream a reality. I remain hopeful that our country will continue along this direction with the repeal of DOMA. At that time, America can truly take its place as the defender of freedom and equality for all."

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