ClickBooks Officially Launches in the U.S.

Finally an Innovative and Affordable Bookkeeping Service For the Self-Employed

Jul 29, 2015, 08:00 ET from ClickBooks

BOSTON, July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ClickBooks, a rapidly emerging tech star in the European market, is bringing their highly successful bookkeeping service to the United States.  This serves as great news for the more than 16 million self-employed in the United States, as ClickBooks' app-based service has proven to dramatically reduce the time and money they'll need to spend to keep up with their books and taxes. 

After three years of explosive growth in the European market, and a significant investment from a US-based incubator, ClickBooks is set on replicating their success in the United States.  The popularity of the innovative ClickBooks app, backed by professional bookkeepers, is based on its simplicity.  It's taken what most self-employed people consider a time consuming and tedious process and simplified it. 

The ClickBooks' approach reduces the customer's role to simply taking photos of their invoices and receipts.  Uploading these images serves as the first step in a highly optimized, technology enabled process that profoundly improves the productivity of the ClickBooks' bookkeepers. These certified bookkeepers then work with the images to categorize, code and reconcile books in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional bookkeeping service.  This is all achieved with little to no time spent by the customer, other than to capture pictures of their receipts.  Each month the customer gets accurate and timely insight into the performance of their business in the form of professionally prepared tax-ready financials.  It's a welcomed and refreshing alternative from the traditional approaches available to the self-employed. 

Typically the self-employed either have to play the time-consuming role of the bookkeeper or hire a conventional one.  Most self-employed consider doing their books the most dreaded part of being their own boss, and accordingly often fall behind on them.  The other option of hiring a traditional bookkeeping service can be quite expensive and often out of reach for many self-employed.  The reason for the time and expense is that most are still doing it the way they did it decades ago.  In fact traditional bookkeepers spend 73 percent of their time handling paper, as on average each receipt is handled 12.6 times. ClickBooks is 100 percent paperless, which saves both time and money; big benefits that are passed directly on to ClickBooks' customers.

"We were born paperless," says Steve Garten, co-founder of ClickBooks, "Through process optimization and award winning technology, we can reconcile books for five to ten times less time and money than a traditional bookkeeper. With our business and delivery model we can afford to hire the best bookkeepers in the country and still keep our prices lower than traditional alternatives."

"Properly applied, technology can make any process better, faster and cheaper.  Think of how differently we do most things in our daily lives from making a reservation to paying our bills, yet most people still do their books the same way they did it before smart phones and the internet.  At ClickBooks through heavy investments in technology and process we've been able to profoundly improve the productivity of our bookkeepers, while drastically decreasing the role of the customer in the bookkeeping process," says David Andersen, chief information officer at ClickBooks. "We've also been able to significantly improve on both storage and security. ClickBooks uses highly secure data centers with multi-factor access control systems.  It's a far cry from the stack of shoe boxes in the basement that most self-employed rely on when it comes to storage, security, archiving and retrieval."

ClickBooks' launch in the U.S. serves as great news for the more than 16 million self-employed members of free-agent nation who struggle to find a convenient and affordable way to keep up with their books and taxes.  To learn more or become a ClickBooks customer, visit ClickBooks or call 866-487-8482.


ClickBooks, a shining star in the European market, is bringing their bookkeeping model to the United States helping the more than 16 million self-employed individuals easily stay on top of their books and taxes.  The ClickBooks app allows customers to take photos of receipts and invoices and upload the images to their ClickBooks bookkeepers in real time. The ClickBooks' bookkeepers then simply use the images to categorize, code and reconcile the books against bank statements in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional bookkeeper. This saves both time and money for the self-employed. 

To learn more or become a ClickBooks customer, visit ClickBooks or call 866-487-8482.

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