CLICKON Golf Asks: What Would Your "Life Without Golf" Be Like?

Jul 01, 2015, 10:11 ET from CLICKON Golf

NEW YORK, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- CLICKON Golf has set out to learn what life without golf would be like for the millions of people that play the sport.

Some people say golf is "on the decline." Some people say it's too expensive, too time consuming and outdated. Word is that young people aren't picking up the sport. Well, all numbers aside, we at CLICKON Golf are all "millennials," we all play golf, and we all plan on doing so for the rest of our lives. So, can we stop talking about course closures and struggling manufacturers and celebrate the fact that, despite doomsday preppers, golf is not going anywhere! Yes, it may be going through a shift but isn't that a great sign? All good things go through phases. All great things take these changes in stride and not only adapt, but take advantage of the opportunity this presents.

This summer CLICKON Golf will celebrate this change in golf but also why the game is so special to begin with. CLICKON will ask visitors what their Life Without Golf would be like. What would replace those five hours spent on Saturday with best friends? What would replace trips to the desert with dad to squeeze in two 36-hole days? What would replace the lessons of integrity and focus learned through rigorous tournaments throughout college?

The Life Without Golf campaign will run throughout the 2015 summer season with the release of 4 special stories told in 2-minute films for all to enjoy. Golfers around the world will have the opportunity to share their unique stories as well. Visitors will be able to upload videos telling their fellow golfers why it has made all the difference in their lives. A Facebook sweepstakes will further enable the audience to interact and talk about #LifeWithoutGolf.

At CLICKON, Life Without Golf would be different. Life Without Golf would be no life at all. The CLICKON team leverages the power of storytelling through film with the goal of revolutionizing how golf is perceived among younger golfers. With offices in New York and London, the CLICKON team developed, a site dedicated to the game and the younger generation playing it.

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