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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ask most Americans of voting age:  "Who's running for Congress in your voting district?"

Most likely, you'll get a lot of blank stares because most Americans don't even know who their current Congressperson is, let alone which Congressional District number they live in, or which Candidates are running for Congress in their district on November 4th.

For those Voters who do care about electing worthy Candidates to Congress, who share their values and principles -- there is a new online voting service:, that can help uninformed voters become informed voters:

  • directly connects Voters to the official Election Campaign websites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram webpages of all Candidates running for Congress in Voters' Zip Codes.'s up-to-date database of 435 Congressional Districts makes it easy for today's online and mobile Internet-connected Voters to see who's running for Congress in their district, and learn which Candidate is worthy of their votes by comparing the different Republican, Democrat and Independent Party Candidates by the content of their campaign websites connected to

Watch this video to see how informs uninformed voters:

Enter your Zip Code and the  election search engine will display a map of your Congressional District, list your current Congressperson and Senators, and showcase the names, pictures and Tweets of Candidates competing for your vote November 4th.

ClickVote enables Voters to compare all the Candidates by connecting Voters to each Candidate's Official Election Campaign website – framed alongside ClickVote menus linking to each Candidate's bio, news, videos, endorsements, positions on the issues, Facebook, Twitter feeds  and other voter-centric info – all of which can help Voters make informed voting decisions about which Candidates deserve, and are worthy of, their votes.  

While many Americans fear the competing bogeymen of voter fraud and restrictive voter ID laws to unfairly alter elections, the real enemy of Democracy according to Founding Father Thomas Jefferson and President John F. Kennedy is:  voter ignorance and voter apathy.

Jefferson and Kennedy warned about the menace to society of the uninformed voter.  Fortunately, they also agreed on the solution to the problem:  voter-education:

  • "If we think the people are not enlightened enough to exercise control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education."                                                         — Thomas Jefferson
  • "The educated citizen...knows that only an educated and informed people will be a free people, that the ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all." 
    See:       — JFK

See who's running for Congress in your district – and who's worthy of your vote -- by visiting

Become an "educated citizen" and part of the "informed electorate" that democracy needs and that Kennedy, Jefferson and the Founding Fathers thought America should certainly have by now! 

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