ClimeCo America Corporation Partners With Rentech Energy Midwest Corporation to Install the First N2O Tertiary Abatement Project Under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR)

Mar 02, 2011, 17:42 ET from ClimeCo Corporation

MIAMI, March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ClimeCo America today announced that it has been chosen by Rentech Energy Midwest Corporation (REMC) as the project developer and technical consultant for its nitrous oxide (N2O) tertiary abatement project, creating carbon credits to be listed with the Climate Action Reserve or other agreed upon program or registry (Rentech Energy Midwest Corporation – Tertiary Nitrous Oxide Abatement Project).  This project represents the first listed N2O tertiary abatement project in the U.S.  ClimeCo's team is responsible for the engineering and technical services and carbon credit registration, monitoring and verification of the project.  

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REMC operates a nitrogen fertilizer plant in East Dubuque, Illinois and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rentech, Inc., which is a global provider of clean energy solutions.

The project encompasses the installation of a tertiary catalyst system designed by CRI Catalysts, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shell Group, to substantially reduce N2O emissions, which are classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a greenhouse gas.  N2O is a reaction co-product of the nitric acid process.  

"ClimeCo is proud to be the project developer, and we look forward to working with REMC and CRI to maximize the potential of this project," said Bill Flederbach, ClimeCo Executive Vice President.

"REMC prides itself in being the first N2O tertiary abatement project installed in the United States and our actions are in concert with Rentech's leadership in low carbon alternative energy technologies.  REMC has partnered with ClimeCo due to their full service approach and N2O abatement market leadership," said John Ambrose, REMC President.

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ClimeCo Corp. is a leader in low carbon technology deployment. In cooperation with its strategic partners, ClimeCo provides comprehensive expertise in a full range of renewable energy and environmental technology projects. Bringing carbon market expertise together with comprehensive financing and project development, ClimeCo provides project owners with a start-to-finish solution, from envisioning the project to realizing real emission reductions and managing the entire process along the way. Visit for more information.

About Rentech, Inc.

Rentech, Inc. (, incorporated in 1981, provides clean energy solutions. The Company's Rentech-SilvaGas biomass gasification process can convert multiple biomass feedstocks into synthesis gas (syngas) for production of renewable fuels and power. Combining the gasification process with Rentech's unique application of syngas conditioning and clean-up technology and the patented Rentech Process based on Fischer-Tropsch chemistry, Rentech offers an integrated solution for production of synthetic fuels from biomass. The Rentech Process can also convert syngas from fossil resources into ultra-clean synthetic jet and diesel fuels, specialty waxes and chemicals. Final product upgrading and acid gas removal technologies are provided under an alliance with UOP, a Honeywell company. Rentech develops projects and licenses these technologies for application in synthetic fuels and power facilities worldwide. Rentech Energy Midwest Corporation, the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, manufactures and sells nitrogen fertilizer products including ammonia, urea ammonia nitrate, urea granule, and urea solution in the corn-belt region of the central United States. Rentech has been recognized by Biofuels Digest as one of the "50 Hottest Companies in Bio-energy" and in 2009 was named as one of "Biofuels Digest Companies of the Year" for its innovations and achievements, particularly in aviation biofuels. Please contact Julie Dawoodjee, Vice President of Investor Relations and Communications, at 310.571.9841 or, for more information.


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