Clinical Diagnostic Market In India - 2010

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Clinical Diagnostic Market In India - 2010

The total Indian healthcare sector today is worth 34 billion USD and it is projected to grow up to 40 billion by 2012. The diagnostic and pathology market is two percent of the total market. Indian diagnostic market has been growing fast, at 15-20 percent growth rate but there are lots of development needs. The growth rate is estimated to remain the same for another decade. Various factors such as rising prevalence of diseases, improving affordability of patients and increasing penetration of health insurance have contributed substantially to spur the demand for diagnostic services in India. The Indian diagnostic market proves to be a good potential investment for those looking for good returns on their investment in India.

One of the major driving forces is the change in the demography of India: the migration to urban cities, with increasing number of people having access to modern healthcare. Consequently, more number of investment are being made in hospitals and clinical laboratories. However, the rural sector can not to be forgotten. The emerging industry structure is headed towards providing healthcare service as an integrated comprehensive package rather than the traditional concept of providing healthcare infrastructure and reactive medical care. Among the middle and high-income families, in India, there is a rapid increase in the health awareness which has led to high demand for preventive health care.

The Indian diagnostic market is clearly divided in two different categories: the non-communicable diseases which are life-style related, and the communicable diseases which are a big issue in India. Despite the quick economic growth and increasing number of middle class representatives, India is still a developing country with a huge number of rural inhabitants with serious sanitation problems. The market requirement at the moment is to come up with indigenous products with affordable prices, bearing in mind the importance of usability of the products.

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Current Use of Diagnostics In India

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Licensing Procedure

Key challenges & Barriers

Future Opportunities

Conclusion & Recommendation


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