Clinical Technology Consultants, Inc. (CTCI) Leading the Way in Helping Physicians Achieve Meaningful Use Certification

Jun 22, 2010, 11:00 ET from Clinical Technology Consultants, Inc.

WASHINGTON, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Clinical Technology Consultants, Inc. (CTCI) today announced the launch of Meaningful Use consulting services for primary care providers.

The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) of 2009 provides reimbursement incentives for healthcare providers and hospitals that adopt and deploy Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions.

The company's services will aid physicians in qualifying for these incentives by preparing and delivering assessment and implementation plans, managing EHR software selections, managing onsite or service-based EHR implementations, and providing EHR training assistance and knowledge transfer.  

We understand that many practices are hesitant to embrace this major healthcare policy objective. Practices worry they could face spiraling costs coupled with a forced reduction in patient load during the transition to an EHR system.  We have developed a five stage roadmap to minimize disruption during EHR implementation.  Our approach reduces the risk to the practice by easing the concentration of resources needed during each phase and providing a shorter interval between the design and utilization of each EHR function.

To expedite the transition from paper-based medical records to a more efficient healthcare system we are offering to provide the initial Phase (Proof of Concept) at "No cost, Risk or Obligation" to our clients.

Our methodology utilizes a proof of concept that leverages your requirements and incorporates real-time workflow mapping.  This eliminates the lengthy process of repeated assessments and reduces the amount of time required from your staff.  We have taken our experience in assisting some of the largest federal government and state agencies and have refined the tools needed for all stages of the meaningful use implementation.  We have used and continue to use our experience in hospital and home healthcare systems implementations to navigate the implications of healthcare reform.  

CTCI serves as an unbiased consultant, guiding healthcare organizations through all stages of EHR implementation.  We architect our solutions to meet the needs and requirements of our customer.  We do not have pre-arranged agreements with any vendor to endorse their products. Our competitors typically offer only one pre-determined EHR solution offering, but the EHR system may not be the best fit for all clients.

If you are ready to commit to achieving meaningful use of an EHR, Clinical Technology Consultants, Inc. is ready to assist you.

SOURCE Clinical Technology Consultants, Inc.