ClipDis Moves to the U.S. and Teams Up With Kik to Allow Users to Take Visual Messaging to the Next Level

Creative platform helps power the next phase of virtual conversations

Nov 16, 2015, 12:00 ET from ClipDis

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ClipDis, the video mashup generator that transforms ordinary messages into a sequential series of micro-clips, today announced the relocation of its headquarters from Budapest, Hungary to the United States. In addition to being able to build closer relationships with content owners and distribution partners, the new NYC headquarters will allow ClipDis to better serve its stateside users, who have proven to be the most enthusiastic content sharers. ClipDis also announced that it has teamed up with Kik, chat network popular with U.S. teen, to give its more than 240 million registered users the ability to share audio video mashups within the platform.

GIFs have become a fundamental means of how people communicate and express themselves. ClipDis, which after launching in 2015 quickly gained a hefty 2 million downloads, takes text-based communication to the next level by flipping sentences into micro-clips from popular movies, and YouTube and music videos. Users can simply type a message, with emoticons included, and ClipDis matches each word or emoticon with a micro-clip, in sequential order. If the user isn't happy with some of the micro-clips picked by the system, they can lock in the ones they do like and keep searching for others, or even take a selfie of themselves to fill in the holes, until they are satisfied with the entire mashup.

ClipDis, which is already compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram has added another platform to its repertoire to make it even easier for users to share their customized videos across all social channels. Through a specially crafted Kik AI chat bot, Kik users can simply send a message to ClipDisBot, and the bot instantly replies to the user with an audible mashup video of the user's original message. The video can then be shared with Kik users or across other social platforms.

"Conveying the right emotions through messaging can be hard, so we created a platform that lets people communicate a wide variety of emotions while having fun in their virtual interactions," said ClipDis CEO Sam Hapak. "This extends beyond texting conversations to include platforms like Kik, looking to improve their user experience. Many of Kik's users are already sharing content so the addition of ClipDis's capabilities kick it up a notch."

Serving the needs of an exceptionally mobile social generation that values personalized experiences and instant gratification, ClipDis puts creative power into the hands of the consumer, allowing users to create messages of any length, and giving them the power to express emotions that words or GIFs cannot. Instead of having to work up the courage to say the words "I love you," Kik and ClipDis let Walter White, Snoop and Jared Leto handle it.

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ClipDis is the video mashup creator that enables users to transform text into a sharable series of personalized clips with audio. With users in 223 countries, ClipDis has seen more than 2 million downloads, 45 million mashups created and over 5.4 million mashups shared. In addition to being one of the original launch partners for Messenger by Facebook, ClipDis also boasts a top rated Android app, a website that adds a wide range of  sophisticated creation tools, and works seamlessly with Twitter and Instagram. Launched in 2015, ClipDis is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit:

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