Clockwork Launches Second Product Suite Focused on Energy

Predictive Analytics Drives ROI for the Industry's High Value Assets

Sep 20, 2012, 14:07 ET from Clockwork

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Clockwork, a global leader of predictive analytic solutions for enterprise asset management (EAM), announced today their Energy Suite of products, designed to improve availability, reduce repair parts inventory and drive down life cycle costs of critical upstream assets throughout the design, operation and maintenance of such systems.  The company has significant experience in the energy sector and has built this product suite to fill the gap in predicting and forecasting parts and maintenance for upstream energy to reduce the risk of production losses and increase profit margin.


"Energy organizations are more eager than ever to proactively improve operational availability, while navigating regulatory requirements and increasingly difficult operating environments," stated Marshall Smith, VP of Industry Solutions. "By analyzing the life cycle costs of these expensive mission critical systems, Clockwork can accurately predict equipment availability, optimize maintenance, improve supply chain strategies and effectively manage the bottom line."

The ability to predict asset availability, the labor workload and time associated with maintenance, and the optimized repair parts demand is essential to managing in the current environment. Repair parts and service for a single maintenance request can cost millions, but with Clockwork, uptime is maximized and costs are minimized thereby improving margins for these critical platforms.

Upstream Applications

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The products in the Energy Suite are positioned specifically for the most critical phases of an asset's life cycle where key decisions are made regarding design, operation and maintenance:

DESIGN® predictive analytic offerings provide design firms and their customers the ability to reduce life cycle costs during asset design phases.

DEMAND® predictive analytic offerings provide logistics planners the ability to improve fleet readiness while reducing repair parts and maintenance costs.

COMMAND® predictive analytic offerings are focused on the evaluation, implementation, and ongoing support of a predictive maintenance solution for individual platforms and fleets, assessing and managing the risk of possible component/part failure.

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About Clockwork: Clockwork is a global leader of predictive analytic solutions for enterprise asset management (EAM) that improve availability and reduce repair parts inventory and maintenance costs of capital intensive assets. The company has years of experience serving the needs of the Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Heavy Machinery and Transportation industries by providing cutting edge solutions to help analyze their data, giving them visibility to each phase of an asset's life cycle, resulting in billions worth of savings. For more information visit

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