Clooney, ENOUGH with the Cameras, Says Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

Dec 30, 2010, 16:31 ET from Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is being released by the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan:

George Clooney, in a typical Hollywood fashion, is advocating for installing watchful 'cameras' on Sudan. Not withstanding the legality of the matter, it is baffling what such an action will accomplish. There are numerous atrocities after all around the globe. In the middle east, for instance, crimes are perpetrated under the blazing lenses of the enormous international media, yet what has that accomplished? Clooney himself has seen the harrowing images on CNN, but when have those moved him enough to condemn this ongoing depravity that is systematically meted out against the innocents!

This action reeks of an ulterior motive that has nothing to do with peace, and Clooney is just the latest face for it. It's an ever changing face, when one begins to recall his fellow actors that have been used and discarded by "Enough's" Prendergast, for example Don Cheadle, Basketball star Tracy McGrady, Mia Farrow etc. The idea is simple. You get the public to jump on a bandwagon through the use of their idols who merely parrot statements that you manufactured to serve your real agenda. In this hysteria, atrocities could be committed with one's full consent because sober and critical thought are curbed.

This is not to say that Sudanese issues shouldn't be spotlighted. On the contrary, Sudan has long been calling for the constructive engagement of the international community. We've always solicited the help of regional and distant countries to peacefully mediate sensitive issues between the parties. This is precisely why peace prevails today contrary to the grim picture depicted by the likes of "Enough Project" and Clooney. Of course things are tense. And that is to be expected given the monumental prospects that loom ahead including the possible partition of the country, an event that cannot be taken lightly anywhere it happens in the world.

Merely Watching Doesn't Affect Change. Rather what counts is meaningful action. Those that are genuinely concerned for the well being of the Sudanese, are today contributing in ways that really have an impact right there on the ground. They're in Abyei helping the communities lay down the foundation upon which coexistence can be possible. They are down there strengthening the ties between the Southern and Northern communities, which will be the basis for cordial relations in the event of separation. They're in Darfur sowing the seeds for the flourishing of peace. They're doing all of this in the absence of self-aggrandizing cameras on their heels. They are the unsung heroes!

Clooney had his chance to make the impact when he snuck into Abyei with all his Cameras a few weeks back. He instead only succeeded in inflaming tensions; the evidence is all over the Washington Post's article published upon his return when he highlighted the plight of one and demonized the other group. With these frivolous actions by "Enough", one is only left to wonder, who's next on the long list of celebrities to be exploited for this crusade, at the expense of genuine search for peace!

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