Close-Up TV News Recognizes the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute

Oct 08, 2010, 15:17 ET from Close-Up TV News

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Close-Up TV News recognizes the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute for its remarkable commitment to quality care, providing relief to thousands of patients.

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Spine surgery has advanced significantly over the past decade, allowing for more reliable outcomes, less surgical morbidity and quicker recovery. Dr. Steven Cyr of the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute in San Antonio ( offers some of the country's most advanced training, compassionate care and individualized treatment options to help eliminate back and neck pain and improve his patients' quality of life.

Dr. Steven Cyr, the former chief of spine surgery for the United States Air Force, founded the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute to give patients the best chance for success.

"Our goal is to address a patient's problem with no surgery, if possible," says Dr. Cyr. "We might first offer therapy or pain management. When all means of non-operative treatment have failed we want to find the treatment option that will provide the greatest chance of success and the minimal amount of discomfort."

With his expertise, including spine training from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, surgical options can be tailored to a patient's specific problem. This individualized and conservative approach to treatment combined with patient education improves the probability of success and significantly reduces the need for future back or neck surgeries.  

"We spend as much time as necessary to educate our patients about their specific problem and the options for treatment," says Dr. Cyr. "We take the time to explain their issues and options so that if and when we recommend surgery they know that this is the best possible option for them."

Still, in order to be an all-encompassing spine center, the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute must continuously remain on the cutting edge of the latest advances and state-of-the-art techniques.

"As time goes on minimally invasive techniques are going to be at the forefront of what we do," says Dr. Cyr. "It means less pain, faster recovery and hopefully, a quicker return to work. We want people to be functional and enjoying life again."

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