Cloud-based Value-added Services

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Cloud-based Value-added Services

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of value-added services delivered by broadband service providers. It examines the trends, technical issues, business models, and consumer interest in deployed and planned services (entertainment, home services, technical support services, convergence services, and emerging areas such as digital health) in global markets.

"As broadband penetration increases, ISPs in competitive markets are adding several new services to retain subscribers and to increase ARPU," said Brett Sappington, a senior analyst at Parks Associates. "Many of these services, such as multiscreen video and home automation, will leverage the networks and in-home systems being deployed today. Cloud-based Value-Added Services provides a look into the market forces, consumer demand, business models, and strategies that are shaping this growing area."

Table of Contents

1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2          Data Sources

1.3          Definition of Global Regions

2.0          Market Overview

2.1          The Need for Cloud-based Value-added Services

2.2          Cloud-based Value-added Service Solutions

3.0          Entertainment

3.1          Video

3.2          Music

3.3          Gaming

4.0          Monitoring and Smart Home Services

4.1          Home Automation

4.2          Home Security

4.3          Energy

5.0          Health

6.0          Technical Services

6.1          Premium Tech Support

6.2          Storage and Sharing

7.0          Convergence Services

7.1          Integrated Services

7.2          Complementary Entertainment Platforms

8.0          Forecast

9.0          Implications and Recommendations

9.1          Overall

9.2          Entertainment Services

9.3          Monitoring and Smart Home Services

9.4          Health Services

9.5          Technical Services

9.6          Convergence Services

10.0        Glossary and Index

10.1        Glossary

10.2        Index

List of Figures

Companies Interviewed for the Report

Global Forecast Regions

Strategic Shifts Due to Increased Competition

Strategies for Value-added Service Pricing

The Impact of Value-added Services Offerings on Customer Satisfaction

Selected Cloud-based Solutions

Appeal of Entertainment Value-added Services

Video Leads Entertainment Choices

The Effect of Content Availability on Expected Video Consumption

Music Value-added Service Offerings

Examples of Gaming Value-added Services

Appeal of Home Security and Monitoring Features

Demand for Home Security Services

Examples of Home Security VAS

Willingness to Pay for Energy Monitoring Service, 2009-2010

Appeal of Energy-related Value-added Services

Examples of Energy VAS

Areas of Health Care Value-added Services

Appeal of Online Care Services

Interest in Purchasing Cloud-based Health Services

Examples of Health-related Value-added Services

Premium Technical Support Offerings

Consumer Interest in Broadband-related Support Features

Examples of Storage and Sharing Value-added Services

Examples of Convergence Broadband VAS

Cloud-based Value-added Services Forecast Methodology

Global Forecast: Annual Cloud-based VAS Gross Revenues at End-User Value by Region, 2010-2015

Global Forecast: Annual Cloud-based VAS Gross Revenues at End-User Value by Type of Service, 2010-2015

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