Cloud Constellation Corporation Secures Series A Funding

New Funding Positions Pioneer to Pursue its Vision of Global Cloud Storage Network Independent of Internet and Leased Lines

Mar 08, 2016, 06:47 ET from Cloud Constellation Corporation

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md., March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- (SATELLITE 2016) – Cloud Constellation Corporation today announced it has completed its Series A funding round.  The funding will be used to accelerate the development of the company's SpaceBelt Information Ultra-Highway, the independent space-based network infrastructure for cloud service providers, enterprises and governments to provide secure storage and provisioning of sensitive data around the world.

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  • Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt transforms cybersecurity for enterprise and government operations moving high-value data around the world by:
    • insulating it completely from the Internet and terrestrial leased lines
    • liberating it from cyberattacks and surreptitious activities  
    • protecting it from natural disasters and force majeure events
    • addressing all jurisdictional complexities and constraints
    • avoiding risks of violating privacy regulations
  • Truly secure data transfer: Enterprises and governments will finally be enabled to bypass use of leaky networks and compromised servers interconnecting their sites around the world.
  • New option for cloud service providers: The service will be a key market differentiator for cloud service providers to offer a transformative, ultra-high degree of network security to clients reliant on moving sensitive, mission-critical data around the world each day.

Scott Sobhani, Cloud Constellation CEO and cofounder, said:

"In 2015, enterprise and governments spent an estimated US$15 billion on data storage and cloud migration – and networks aren't any safer. The information super-highway is experiencing a pandemic cybersecurity crisis for delivery of cloud storage services.  The SpaceBelt Information Ultra-Highway will offer enterprises and governments with superior infrastructure for assuredly secure cloud networking.  Cloud service providers are enthusiastic to differentiate their service offerings to garner higher sources of revenue from multinational clientele.  This funding puts us squarely on the path to creating an independent space-based network infrastructure that offers secure storage and provisioning of enterprise data around the world, without exposure to any surreptitious elements or unintended network jurisdictions."

Hooshang Kaen, Cloud Constellation Vice Chairman and cofounder, said:

"For enterprises with global operations, protection of mission-critical data is paramount. With this first round of funding in place, we are now looking to establish strategic partnerships with cloud service providers, memory systems suppliers, satellite capacity providers, spacecraft suppliers and VSAT network infrastructure providers.  As we articulate our vision for a world of greater data security, we're confident that many partners will join us.  This highly innovative and sophisticated cloud network will enable enterprises and governments to move data around the world without exposure to cybersecurity threats.  We've designed the system as a continuous global ring of interconnected data centers in space.  Data never passes through any unintended jurisdictions, or into the wrong hands."

About Cloud Constellation Corporation

Cloud Constellation provides an independent space-based network infrastructure for Cloud Service Providers and their end-user clientele to experience secure storage and provisioning of sensitive data around the world.  Additional information is available at

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