Cloudistics Announces Turbine Application Acceleration Appliance

Turbine accelerates applications running on VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM to flash speeds for 10% of the cost of all-flash arrays as Cloudistics' first step towards its vision of simplifying infrastructures.

Dec 03, 2015, 09:00 ET from Cloudistics

RESTON, Va., Dec. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloudistics, led by one of the IT industry's most successful storage management executive and development teams, today announced the general availability of Turbine, an application acceleration appliance. Turbine immediately improves underlying application performance in a virtual environment by 20 times at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to install the all-flash storage solutions on the market today.

Turbine increases existing storage area network (SAN) storage infrastructure performance by accelerating virtual application workloads. While flash storage or hard drive/solid-state drive-based hybrid solutions exist to solve the application performance problem, their $3/GB cost and an implementation price of hundreds of thousands of dollars put them out of reach for companies of all sizes. They also take up considerable real estate in a rack and require up to several weeks of transition time to provision, install, and test before they can be placed in production, and will still require fine-tuning to achieve best results.

Turbine's acceleration software, by contrast, is delivered as a fully hardware-redundant and elegantly simple appliance that installs in minutes and is a fraction of the cost of an all-flash-array, at $0.35/GB for an 8TB all-flash accelerator. The dual 1U-sized appliances install seamlessly between any hypervisor and existing SAN environment, giving you flash-level performance from your existing storage. Your existing storage can immediately reach maximum acceleration, giving IT admins a simple, cost-effective alternative to the flash and hybrid solutions available today.

"Going with Turbine was a clear no-brainer for us," said Shane Smith, SVP of Operations at Apptix. "They are the first company that's been able to truly deliver on their claim of dramatically improved storage performance. Turbine's acceleration has allowed us to realize a two- to five-fold I/O throughput benefit at one tenth the cost of previously considered SSD SAN options, all without the need for a painful data migration."

"Truly extraordinary," said Jack Fegreus, Principle at openBench Labs, an independent testing organization. "Turbine increases storage infrastructure performance substantially, enabling workloads to run as if your entire data center was provisioned on flash storage. With sub-millisecond latencies on Turbine, high-I/O applications, including the TPC-C benchmark on SQL Server, ran without a local memory cache with virtually no loss in efficiency and with less memory. We were able to run three times as many VMs on the host."

The key benefits of Turbine include:

  1. Acceleration of write-intensive applications such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Business Intelligence (BI), SQL, and Backup and Recovery operations by 100x.
  2. Increase in hypervisor workload density by up to 3x, thereby improving TCO.
  3. Simple to use and installs in 15 minutes, without requiring data migrations, forklift upgrades, or hypervisor changes.
  4. Supports VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM hypervisors and all iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN storage types.

"With Turbine, Cloudistics has radically simplified how companies manage their infrastructure and deploy applications," Cloudistics President and CEO Najaf Husain said. "Up to this point, the job of trying to accelerate applications has been an incredibly challenging task, requiring a very costly 'forklift' upgrade to flash or hybrid technology. Turbine's on-site two-week demo program helps companies prove for themselves that they can achieve all of their application acceleration goals, not only for a fraction of the cost, but in a fraction of the time."

About Cloudistics

Cloudistics is a software technology company driven to democratize IT through simplicity. To us, this means delivering innovative software that enables businesses of all sizes to simplify and optimize their cloud infrastructure. Cloudistics products use a design-first approach with application performance in mind. Our products enable businesses to deploy, manage, and optimize applications instantly in order to simplify management, accelerate performance, and reduce costs. Our first product, Turbine, focuses on delivering application performance by optimizing I/O with a company's existing storage. To learn more, visit

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