Cloudsurance™ Announces The First Cloud Insurance Program For Cloud Consumers

Jul 29, 2015, 05:00 ET from Cloudsurance

ANAHEIM, Calif., July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloudsurance™ today announced the launch of the world´s first cloud insurance program, designed for modern cloud consumers.

Cloudsurance™ is the world's first cloud insurance program designed for cloud consumers. Cloud insurance can help mitigate against the inherent risks of cloud computing, such as downtime, data loss and cyber-attack by providing basic insurance coverage for cloud based data and IT assets.

In our initial launch, Cloudsurance™ intends to provide basic insurance to cloud consumers who use cloud storage services like Dropbox and Box. Typically these cloud storage consumers currently lack an SLA or insurance coverage.

Cloudsurance™ coverage will include data-loss insurance, designed to financially compensate you in the event of a cloud provider losing your data.  It will also include downtime insurance, just in case your cloud provider ever experiences downtime causing your cloud based assets to become unavailable.

An essential component of Cloudsurance™ is cyber-attack insurance, designed to provide you with financial compensation if your cloud provider is affected by a cyber-attack which affects any of your IT assets.

CEO of Cloudsurance, Mr. Alexander Saca said today "There are hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses who entrust their data to cloud providers and have virtually no protection in the form of insurance against downtime, data loss or cyber attack. Our ambition is to provide a basic level of protection to cloud consumers where cloud providers have systematically failed to do so."

Cloudsurance™ is not yet available for sale, but Cloudsurance™ is launching their private consultation process and invites interested parties who wish to learn more about cloud insurance coverage, or those who wish to partner with Cloudsurance™ contact them via their website or by emailing

About Cloudsurance™: Based in Anaheim, California, Cloudsurance LLC is a privately held corporation, backed by a group of well-known cloud computing CEO´s, some of which form the management of the company.

Cloudsurance was formed in early 2015 to address a growing concern in the cloud space that cloud consumers had little or no protection against any of the inherent risks involved with cloud computing.

Cloudsurance is not associated or affiliated with Dropbox or Box in any way.


SOURCE Cloudsurance