Cloudtenna Introduces DirectShare to Dramatically Accelerate Transfer of Largest Files by Up to 10x or More

IT Organizations Can Try DirectShare for Free and Immediately Begin Uploading Less and Collaborating Faster

Feb 04, 2016, 11:16 ET from Cloudtenna

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloudtenna, a leading provider of rapid file transfer and collaboration solutions, today announced the general availability of its flagship product, DirectShare. Any organization can deploy the lightweight DirectShare software and instantly make their largest files available to colleagues, reducing by 10x or more the time it takes to execute transfers to remote offices and outside guests. DirectShare's core Direct Collaboration File Share (DirectCFS) software layer delivers the first true innovation in this space since FTP was introduced in 1985. In addition, the DirectShare architecture guarantees the highest security in the marketplace, because data is never copied or moved to the cloud. In order to drive adoption, Cloudtenna is offering a free trial of the DirectShare solution, so that organizations can immediately begin accelerating collaboration on massive files such as video, audio, CAD files, medical imaging, scientific modeling and other data-heavy media formats.

How DirectShare Works

"Early on, we recognized that innovation in file transfer technologies has stalled and that existing solutions such as FTP or online storage create needless layers of complexity, confusion and security risk," said Bryan Pham, cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, Cloudtenna. "With DirectShare, we built optimization into the architecture to answer this need and deliver a modern software platform for rapid file transfers. Our DirectCFS core software significantly reduces downtime and frustrations with slow data pipelines while increasing productivity, enhancing security and improving the customer experience."

The DirectCFS software layer uses common protocols in a unique way, condensing the file transfer process to its most uncomplicated form. Entirely eliminating the need for uploads, by far the most time-consuming element of the file-share process, DirectCFS quickly gets files into collaborators' hands at speeds significantly faster than traditional solutions, without the need to sync to the cloud. In addition, unlike legacy solutions such as FTP and VPN, DirectShare optimizes compute resources to complete transfers at speeds that enable content creation on much tighter deadlines, increasing overall productivity. Because files are never migrated to the cloud, existing security and compliance policies remain untouched by third party providers, offering the marketplace's most secure file collaboration.

Organizations can use DirectShare to send links granting immediate access to large files, saving valuable production time and and improving workflows. Users log into the Cloudtenna Apps with their current Windows username and password. Then, they continue to work and save files to network folders as they normally would. With DirectShare, organizations can:

  • Quickly find and share the files they need to send using the DirectShare web interface or mobile apps, without vendor lock-in or requiring additional hardware or data migration;
  • Create a shared link, send to recipients and make files immediately available, securely from the company's file storage;
  • Enable remote offices to receive files securely without installing any additional software or making changes to IT infrastructure.

Who Benefits from DirectShare

"DirectShare's elegantly simple, lightweight architecture enables Pacific Energy to transfer and collaborate on massive merger and acquisition documentation, including contracts and leases, with users all over the world in a fraction of the previous time associated with SharePoint, which was never designed for large files," said Bonnie Tang, Vice President, Corporate Operations and Communications, Pacific Energy Development. "In addition, the zero-touch approach to data management ensures that we retain control of our data security procedures and maintain compliance with international Safe Harbor Framework regulations."

DirectShare delivers an industry-leading, secure, rapid file transfer solution across verticals, such as:


Media and Entertainment  


Forensic Investigation, Accounting and Law Enforcement


Oil and Gas

 Financial Services

Enterprise Technology and Data Storage



Managed Services Providers

State, Local Government and Education


Legal Services

Scientific Research

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About DirectShare by Cloudtenna
Cloudtenna is a leading provider of rapid file transfer and collaboration solutions designed from the ground up to accelerate the delivery of large files. Cloudtenna's DirectShare software platform, based on its core technology, Direct Collaboration File Share (DirectCFS), optimizes and speeds data transfers by up to 10x or more compared with traditional solutions. Workforces get ultra-fast file transfers with total mobility and cloud-like data access, as well as collaboration and sync features that are proven to work with their largest files. In addition, DirectShare integrates seamlessly with established workflows and tools without requiring additional hardware or data migration. IT organizations retain full control over the security and regulatory compliance for their company's sensitive data assets, inside their firewall, with zero touch from any third parties, making DirectShare from Cloudtenna one of the most secure solutions for the transfer of and collaboration on large files.

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