Club Catcher Launches on Indiegogo to Put an End to Lost Golf Clubs

Golf is fun. Losing golf clubs is not. Club Catcher keeps track of your clubs so you don't have to. Never lose another golf club.

Jan 04, 2013, 15:47 ET from Club Catcher

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Club Catcher is a new product promising to solve a pervasive problem for millions of golfers all over the world: clubs left behind on the course.  A combination of motion sensing and low-power RF communication can be installed in two minutes on any set of golf clubs; no tools required.  Club Catcher won't alter the feel of the clubs or interfere with normal play, but lets golfers know the status of their clubs at a glance, and alerts them if they've accidentally left one behind.

"Market research has demonstrated that leaving clubs behind is a widespread frustration for golfers," said Club Catcher co-founder Jesse Koenig. "When we talk to golfers about our product, they have this immediate reaction where their eyes light up and they tell us their stories of losing golf clubs. And it's not just golfers who know about it: more than a third of the non-golfers surveyed are aware of the issue from their golfer friends and family. So we see significant demand for this product."

In a typical lost golf club scenario, a golfer pulls a wedge and a putter from his bag when his ball is close to the green and then forgets the wedge next to the green.  Club Catcher has small "club units" that screw into the club grips and a "base unit" that clips onto the bag.  All units have radio frequency (RF) transceivers and motion sensors, which are employed by a proprietary algorithm that monitors the clubs and determines if one has been forgotten.  The base unit displays which clubs are out of the bag via LEDs and an LCD screen, and if the golfer forgets a club and starts to walk or drive away with his bag, Club Catcher sounds an alarm.

The initial production run of Club Catcher will be supported by a campaign on Indiegogo, a fast-growing crowdfunding platform.  Early customers can pre-order Club Catcher for $99, and will be instrumental in bringing the product to market.

"It's awesome that we were able to build the product we envisioned, finally solving this problem for us and so many other golfers," said co-founder Matt Smiley.  "And now we're excited at the opportunity to fund production with direct participation of our audience through Indiegogo."

To secure one of the first available Club Catchers, please visit Indiegogo at

About the founders:

Jesse Koenig and Matt Smiley are aerospace engineers who have played various roles in sending people and other things to space.  Meanwhile they also like to solve problems here on Earth.






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