Club Resort Intervals Discusses Top Ways to Avoid Common Complaints During Travel this May

Club Resort Intervals knows that traveling is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, and is offering several tips to ensure travelers have a hassle-free vacation this spring.

May 08, 2014, 12:11 ET from Club Resort Intervals

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- It is recognized by the Club Resort Intervals Complaints Prevention Team that there are moments when complaints can be avoided altogether by taking certain measures before and during travel. The best action to take is to always be prepared. Properly researching about an area of interest before traveling there can take away many of the surprises that could shock and possibly cause inconveniences while on a trip. If an area does not offer specific services that a traveler wants, it is preferable to know this before getting there. Having prior knowledge about a destination leaves the traveler better prepared to make changes and adapt based upon that knowledge.

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The Club Resort Intervals Complaints Prevention Team also knows that going to the airport can be one of the most difficult aspects of travel. With frequent changes and additions to security measures, large crowds, and long periods of waiting in lines, the traveler is faced with many factors that are beyond their control. However, looking up information on recent updates to policies at airports will give travelers an advantage and allow them to prepare accordingly. Arriving early at the airport is ideal. Generally, arriving two hours before the time of departure is recommended. This allows a traveler sufficient time to check in any baggage they might have, obtain their boarding passes, go through security checkpoints, and be at the gate on time. In the event there are any delays within the terminal or with the flight itself, travelers are better prepared for whatever might happen when at the airport.

By planning out what to do while on vacation, the Club Resort Intervals Complaints Prevention Team is confident the traveler will be able to avoid having to make complaints, especially when something has been discovered on the spot that warrants reporting. Most attractions provide information online to go over prices, what is permitted at the destination, what is included, and other considerations before going. Knowing these factors ahead of time will help in making sure that travelers know exactly what is being offered and not be upset by something that was unknown until it was too late. 

Complaints are sometimes unavoidable and should always reported to the appropriate group in order for a resolution to be reached in a timely manner. However, utilizing these suggestions whenever traveling is useful to remedy possible complaints from occurring in the first place. For more information, contact Club Resort Intervals at

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