Club Volume WatchList: TagLikeMe Corp (OTCQX: TAGG), Santo Mining Corp (OTCQX: SANP), OncoSec Medical Corp (OTCQX: ONCS), BMB Munai Inc (OTCQX: BMBM), Nokia Corp (OTCQX: NOKBF)

Oct 10, 2012, 13:08 ET from

LONDON, October 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

TagLikeMe Corp (OTCQX: TAGG) was the early volume leader in the OTC markets.  TAGG has been leading the way in terms of volume for the last four trading sessions. TAGG has been trading higher all week but did reverse in early trading on the OTCQX markets on Wednesday.  TAGG was lower by 15% on $2 million traded at the time of writing. It seems much of the volume from other names has flowed in and out of TAGG over the last few trading sessions and the gap between the top volume movers like TAGG and SANP is greater than earlier in the summer.

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Santo Mining Corp (OTCQB: SANP) is having a fight back today on the OTC after experiencing two large down days in a row to kick the week off.  SANP is currently higher by 9% on 500k traded.  SANP is now trading at 0.51 cents per share.

OncoSec Medical Corp (OTCQX: ONCS) was a new name featured on the volume watchlist this week.  ONCS was up 5% on 300k at the time of writing in OTC market trading.

BMB Munai, Inc (OTCQX: BMBM) was another name back on the list today after a two week absence.  The volume had been picking up early in BMBM trading around 250k in the first hour today.  BMBM is currently up 5% at 0.30 cents per share in the OTC markets.

Nokia Corp (OTCQX: NOKBF) was the second top volume trader on the OTCQX markets today, right after OTCQX: TAGG (TagLikeMe Corp).  NOKBF had traded 600k in early trading on Wednesday and was flat on the day.  We have not featured NOKBF since September 18th but is one of the larger names we are tracking volume on.

We will be back to you on Thursday with the latest news and volume movers in the OTC Markets.

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