ClusterUP ContainerScape: Container Ecosystem Demystified

May 28, 2015, 15:00 ET from ClusterUP

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ClusterUP, the company aimed at providing EC2 like private clouds using micro services, reveals the first container landscape that provides DevOps, Product Managers and IT Ops understanding of the various companies and technologies in the container landscape. With several investments happening in the container space, this infographic will be particularly useful for people looking to understand companies operating in the space and how they are solving different problems in the ecosystem.

Container technology is not new, but with the popularity of Docker the technology has taken off in last year. Large Companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, RedHat are all supporting the container ecosystem.

"As customers are adopting modern applications and next-gen cloud technologies, there are new strip down versions of OS available that are ideal for delivering speed and lower resource consumption, and hence you can find projects like CoreOS, Atomic, Ubuntu Snappy etc. gaining traction" says Chhavi Upadhyay, co-founder and CEO at ClusterUP. There are several amazing technologies for production environments like Kubernetes, Mesos etc.

"Enterprises are using containers for varied use cases. Developers are using containers to package applications in such a way so that they can run anywhere. While others are using containers for continuous integration with companies like Shippable, Cloudbees, CircleCI etc. providing specific solutions for continuous integration. While others are providing complete cloud solution aiming to solve problems like Storage, Networking and Security like ClusterUP, Joyent, Jelastic etc." says ClusterUP co-founder and CTO, Ranjan Parthasarathy.

About ClusterUP:
ClusterUP aims to build an EC2 like cloud using containers. With ClusterUP DevOps and Ops can work together to accelerate the delivery of applications to any cloud. Developers can use ClusterUP to rapidly deploy application stacks. Admins can use ClusterUP for automation and orchestration and use our monitoring solution to gain insights into their applications.

A self-service solution is the key for DevOps to adopt continuous integration, continuous deployment, application monitoring. With ClusterUP, now enterprises can engineer products faster, gain data driven insights into their applications, achieve deployment velocity and scale on-demand.

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