CMTL encourages all Intel® platform based system customers to verify use of Intel® approved memory modules

Dec 10, 2013, 14:00 ET from CMTL

ANAHEIM, Calif., Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CMTL, (, Computer Memory Test Labs, the industry's leading independent memory compatibility and functionality testing lab is strongly encouraging all end customers of Intel platform based systems, especially servers, both current and legacy, to verify that the memory they bought or was installed by a system builder is on the Intel approved memory list for the specific motherboard or system.  

CMTL's President, John Deters stated, "It has recently been discovered that a number of end user customers of Intel platform based systems have received systems or bought memory without being aware of the importance of using Intel approved memory. If there is a field problem, the first thing Intel will verify is if tested and approved system components have been installed in the Intel server system. Any system is only as strong as the weakest component. Memory modules that have passed the rigorous Advanced Tested process have been subjected to extreme testing conditions including high heat, power cycling, intensive maximum software and other parameters."  Deters further stated this is just one more service announcement to the Intel customer base that will be released.

CMTL was established in 1996, as an independent test lab to insure memory module compatibility on Intel platforms. To date CMTL has performed over 20,000 advanced tests. Memory successfully Intel advanced tested by CMTL is added to each Intel motherboard or system approved memory list. Modules not approved by Intel are not supported and may have a higher risk of experiencing sporadic errors, unstable functionality, performance issues and system crashes.

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