CMTL Marks 15 Year Milestone

Over 18,000 memory module compatibility tests performed to date

Aug 04, 2011, 14:03 ET from CMTL

ANAHEIM, Calif., Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CMTL (, the industry leader for independent memory module compatibility testing announced its 15th year anniversary. In 1996 CMTL was created as a temporary solution to help reduce the Intel desktop group (OPSD)'s massive memory module test back log. What initially started out as a part time endeavor rapidly expanded into a full-fledged business. Noting success of the desktop independent testing program, managers within Intel's Enterprise Server Group authorized a trial program for CMTL to test third party memory modules on Intel server platforms.

John Deters, CMTL president recalls, "If a module passed the advanced testing process, the part number was added to Intel's ESG server platform approved memory list. For a third party memory module company, it was like hitting the business opportunity jackpot. Selling memory to an ESG customer to fully configure just one system resulted in a very profitable $150k sale.".

The server pilot testing program was successful and CMTL was enabled by Intel to perform independent third party testing on all server platforms. As CMTL expanded its testing program for Intel, other motherboard manufacturers began to utilize CMTL's testing services as well.

"At one time, every major motherboard and module company performed comprehensive independent compatibility testing. Today, Intel is now the only motherboard company in the industry that is committed to 100% verified memory module compatibility testing," Deters stated. "In my opinion, there is no longer a single Pacific Rim motherboard company that takes memory compatibility testing seriously. They may perform limited 'in house testing,' which we believe is totally fictional, or they just go by non-verified paper specs. How else can a list of a hundred 'qualified' module part number be in an Intel clone motherboard box six weeks before launch? The same thing applies to Pacific Rim third party module companies. There is now only two module companies in Taiwan that CMTL recommends Intel motherboard customers buy products from; Apacer and ATP Electronics. There is also still a group of dedicated US-based memory module companies that continue their commitment to insure Intel motherboard customers receive reliable products advanced tested for compatibility."

CMTL recommends Intel motherboard customers to buy memory that has successfully passed advanced compatibility testing process and is listed on each specific motherboard-approved memory list. Untested modules can result in sporadic errors, unstable functionality, unreliable operation, intermittent speed variations and even catastrophic system crashes.

The following companies offer memory modules advanced tested by CMTL on Intel desktop and server platforms:

Actica, Apacer, ATP Electronics, Avant Technology, Dataram, Kingston, Legacy Electronics, Netlist,  Ventura Technology, Wintec Industries.  

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