CoachUp Debuts Stephen Curry Scouting Report Campaign: "Zero to One Hundred"

New video revisits Stephen Curry's scouting report and his journey to become NBA MVP through one-on-one coaching

Sep 22, 2015, 12:10 ET from CoachUp

BOSTON, Sept. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- CoachUp (, the nation's leading private coaching company, today launched a new campaign featuring CoachUp leadership team member, 2015 NBA Champion and league MVP, Stephen Curry. The video and social campaign seeks to highlight Curry's path from "zero" to "one hundred" – as epitomized by the contrast between Curry's rookie NBA scouting report, which deemed him too small and un-athletic to succeed in the sport, and his rise to league superstar.  In spite of his doubters, Curry channeled his energy into relentless training with one-on-one coaches (a practice that continues today) and credits his coaches with helping him reach another level in his athletic career.  As a member of CoachUp's leadership team, Curry is committed to helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals through the best one-on-one coaching available.

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"Over the years, I've been doubted and questioned – my NBA scouting report represents what some 'experts' said about my ability," said Curry. "But, no matter what people said, I always blocked them out and kept training.  That dedication and commitment to the game I love, the long hours spent honing my skills one-on-one with my coaches, is what ultimately drove my success. Every athlete can benefit from working with an individual coach, whether it's to help them beat the doubters or just build confidence in their abilities. That's why I'm a part of CoachUp – to help athletes reach another level in sports and life."

The video, created by Boston's Superdigital, an Emmy award winning digital ad agency, features Curry reading from his NBA scouting report overlaid by video of a training session with CoachUp founder, Jordan Fliegel. The video is backed by music from Drake's song "0 to 100," which references Curry and echoes the video's theme of proving doubters wrong through hard work. This is a consistent theme with CoachUp athletes. In 2014, CoachUp launched a campaign with NFL Champion Julian Edelman, which also featured the player reading from his unimpressive scouting report.

"The hallmark of a great athlete is the drive to perform your best regardless of what anyone else thinks," said Fliegel. "Stephen's journey from zero to one hundred demonstrates the power that working with a one-on-one coach can have on a young athlete's development and confidence. That's why I founded CoachUp, because I believe every athlete deserves a chance to work with a coach to find their own version of one hundred."

For more, watch Stephen Curry's video here and check out the CoachUp blog post.

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