Cochlear Launches the Nucleus® 6 Upgrade Program for Recipients in the United States and Canada

Nov 01, 2013, 11:26 ET from Cochlear Americas

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Nov. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH), the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, announced today that the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor is now available as an upgrade for Nucleus Freedom® Implant System (CI24RE) and Nucleus 5 Implant System (CI422 and CI500 Series) recipients.


The next-generation Cochlear Nucleus 6 Sound Processor is built on a completely new microchip platform with five times the processing power of the market-leading Nucleus 5 Sound Processor. The added power enables the Nucleus 6 to support a rapidly expanding array of software programs and accessories.  Forming the Nucleus 6 are useful design features with a system that has two choices of remotes, the industry's first data-logging capability to record daily use of the sound processor to give a clinician vital information to make precise program refinements, and dual omnidirectional microphones that work in tandem with SmartSound® Technology to filter out background noise more effectively than ever. 

"With a five times more powerful microchip opening up a world of capabilities, we are pleased to introduce the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor," said Chris Smith, President of Cochlear Americas.  "We incorporated what we learned over the past 30 years and recipient feedback to design an upgraded system that current implant recipients can enjoy without additional surgery. Our research teams are also working actively to make this new sound processor compatible with our older generation implants, so that all can have access to the latest advances in technology."

The Nucleus 6 is smaller than its predecessors and with its modular design, stays comfortably in place and fits children as well as adults. In fact, the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor is 29% smaller than the Nucleus Freedom Sound Processor* and 6% smaller than the Nucleus 5 Sound Processor.** Its small size won't stop the user from making connections, via audio cables, to a multitude of audio gadgets, such as an MP3 or iPod,  and experimenting with a colorful spectrum of processor covers for a truly personalized hearing experience. The exciting lineup of accessories will increase with the future arrival of wireless connectivity.***

The release dates for the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor Upgrade for Nucleus 22 and Nucleus 24 Implant recipients will depend on research and development timelines, manufacturing processes, and FDA approval procedures. Given the various factors, Cochlear Americas anticipates to have the Nucleus 6 Upgrade be available for Nucleus 22 and Nucleus 24 Implant recipients in early 2015.

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About Cochlear
Cochlear is the global leader in implantable hearing solutions. It has a dedicated global team of more than 2,700 people who deliver the gift of sound to those with hearing loss in over 100 countries. Its vision is to connect people, young and old, to a world of sound by offering life enhancing hearing solutions.

The Cochlear promise of "Hear now. And always" embodies the company's commitment to providing its recipients with their best possible hearing performance today and for the rest of their lives. For over 30 years Cochlear has helped hundreds of thousands of people either hear for the first time or reconnect them to their families, friends, workplaces and communities.

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*When comparing the CP920 with Standard Disposable Battery configuration with the Nucleus Freedom Sound Processor with the 3-zinc air Standard Controller.
** When comparing the CP920 with Standard Disposable Battery configuration with the Nucleus 5 Sound Processor with Standard Disposable Battery configuration.
*** Software upgrade allowing wireless capabilities not yet FDA approved.

SOURCE Cochlear Americas