Cody Coughlin wins 2013 JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour championship

Oct 12, 2013, 19:03 ET from JEGS

DELAWARE, Ohio, Oct. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Just by starting his engine Friday night, Cody Coughlin achieved a goal that he set at the start of the season by winning the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour championship. It is the first oval track championship for a family name that is synonymous with drag racing.

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"Winning this championship means a lot for the entire family," Coughlin said. "Team JEGS is having a great season all around on both the drag racing and oval racing side. I am excited to get the first championship this year wrapped up and hope this starts a trend of other titles yet to come this year."

The 17-year-old is a thankful person who takes pride in representing the family business, JEGS Automotive Inc., which caters to automobile enthusiasts worldwide. Chances are if you have a vehicle you want to look better, perform better, and get better gas mileage … JEGS has it. With JEGS becoming the first in the industry to offer totally free shipping and handling, Coughlin is excited to help bring the business to the forefront in the circle track marketplace.

"When we started racing in the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour we were able to expand our customer base to the circle track line. When competitors and fans see the success we are having on the track, they want to have the quality products that we sell in their car," Coughlin explained. "Racers understand what they want, and they expect it and the price they want to pay. I remember when there was some family dinner discussions we had growing up, and now for it to come full circle for me is a dream come true."

Being successful behind the wheel means you have a team of people behind you who are also dedicated to the success on and off the track.

"I am just one member of a great team that was assembled for this championship season," Coughlin said. "Kevin Hamlin is an awesome team manager, Nick Easton is a great crew chief to work with, Freddie Query is always reliable as our chassis consultant, and Scott Wimmer is a former driver that is a great spotter and mentor, and we couldn't do this without our dedicated crewmembers Dave Holt, Jeremy Wilburt, and Tony Collier. God has blessed us with certain gifts, and together we used our gifts to have this championship season.

"I also have to thank my parents John and Di for helping me see my dream come true. Their dedication means a lot to me, and we all are looking forward to achieving higher goals. My sister Kennedi keeps me motivated and reminds me that this is all about having fun."

What will Coughlin do next? He hopes continue to progress behind the wheel and keep moving up the ladder to faster cars and tougher series.

"We are currently exploring many options of what we would like to do next," Coughlin said. "Our first goal was to wrap up the championship, and now we feel like we have a shot at winning Sunday's Winchester 400. In this business, the timing has to be right and the situation has to be right to progress forward. We are prepared for those chances when they come up for us. We will be dedicated and will put our best foot forward when those opportunities arrive.

"I feel very blessed, and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to do this along with the safety and the success we have had so far."

With JEGS' involvement deep throughout motorsports in multiple series and a business with customers worldwide, there is a lot of opportunity to add partners to and all of their team cars. It's a business that sends out 14-16 million catalogs a year, has over 1.8 million opt-in email addresses, and a website that generates more than 1 million page views a day.

"We are in a unique position because of our involvement in circle track racing; we have gained more customers and partners," Coughlin said. "The growth has been incredible and it is still increasing."

Being able to capitalize on the success on and off the track is what will motivate Coughlin for years to come as he continues to grow as a person and gain valuable experience while he expands his professional career.

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