CollabNet Experts to Present Scrum and Agile Best Practices for Enterprises at 2013 Scrum Gathering Las Vegas

CollabNet's Laszlo Szalvay, Angela Druckman and Adam Weisbart will host three separate sessions on how organizations can use Scrum to solve and manage complex business problems

Apr 30, 2013, 09:03 ET from CollabNet

LAS VEGAS, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --


Laszlo Szalvay

VP of Scrum Business



Szalvay oversees the global Scrum business, drives Agile and ALM integration, and leads Scrum-based initiatives at CollabNet. He is a leading expert in Scrum and was CEO and co-founder of Danube Technologies, Inc. prior to joining CollabNet.

Angela Druckman


Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Process Mentor


As a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Process Mentor, Druckman specializes in Agile transformation, helping teams and organizations all over the world improve their competitive position and effectiveness through agility. Druckman is the author of 30 Days to Better Agile: Effective Strategies for Getting Results Fast Using Scrum, which helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve sustainable success with Agile-based projects.

Adam Weisbart


Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach


Weisbart is a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach based in San Francisco. He is passionate about helping groups create spaces in which they can thrive together. He has created several training modules including Build Your Own Scrum, which is used by trainers around the world to teach Scrum from the back of the room. Weisbart is the author of the upcoming book Agile Antipatterns: The Scrum Master's Guide to Traps, Tripwires, & Treachery.


"Making Scrum Stick in Regulated Industries"

Tues., May 7, 2013 from 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific

Room: Paloverde A

As workplaces evolve and Scrum becomes more commonplace, regulated industries increasingly face the challenge of keeping pace with technological advances and complying to industry standards. This interactive session focuses on how Scrum framework can be used to navigate the obstacles of compliance. In this forward looking presentation, Szalvay will walk attendees through various ways in which Scrum can be properly executed in regulated industries.

"Paging Dr. Scrum: Diagnosing Problems in the Agile Organization"

Speaker: Angela Druckman

Mon., May 6, 2013 from 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific

Room: Mesquite 1-3

"Our main problem doing Scrum is…" Agile coaches know that those new to Scrum often complete this sentence by describing symptoms rather than the root causes of their issues. It is hard to solve a difficult, multifaceted problem when you are in the middle of it. Enter the Agile coach. In this session, for both internal Agile coaches and those who work with external clients, Druckman will provide techniques to get to the root causes of common problems with Scrum and share best practices to help clients move their businesses forward.

"Agile Antipatterns: The Scrum Master's Guide to Traps, Tripwires, and Treachery"

Speaker: Adam Weisbart

Mon., May 6, 2013 from 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific

Room: Paloverde A

It is essential for all development team members to know the basics of Scrum but a good ScrumMaster must be skilled at dealing with Agile Antipatterns quickly to help his or her team and the organization move forward. In this session, Weisbart will detail how to identify an Agile Antipattern and attendees will leave with a powerful set of tools to assist them in defusing antipatterns in the field.

Weisbart will also facilitate the "Open Space: The Magic of Collaboration" sessions on Wed., May 8, 2013 during the event.


Scrum Gathering Las Vegas 2013

Westin – Las Vegas

160 East Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, NV 89109



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