Collectors Proof Launches Nation-wide 'Clean Up Counterfeits' Program

Program rewards memorabilia enthusiasts who convince dealers to document the authenticity of their wares

Dec 14, 2010, 10:45 ET from

BUFFALO, N.Y., Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --, the online community and gallery for the preservation of memorabilia authenticity, announced the first program by which members are rewarded for recruiting dealers into its growing social network of counterfeit-wary collectors.

Collectors Proof President, John Joseph, says, "The program is designed to reward individuals - who typically have no ability to deter fakes - for recruiting dealers into the Collectors Proof community. We're hoping to further our message: If it's authentic and you know it, put your good name behind it."

Vice President of Marketing, Kevin Dawidowicz, says, "Our members do this anyways - push sellers to document the authenticity of their memorabilia.  We are just providing the players an inexpensive, stream-lined means for doing so.  Our online item registry and Certificate of Authenticity feature give reputable dealers the ability to rise above the counterfeit noise.  If the dealers are reputable and conscientious, our members are really doing them a favor by turning them on to  If the dealers dabble in fakes, they'll likely take a pass on joining our community."

The company asks that interested individuals go to for more details.

Collectors Proof is an online community of memorabilia enthusiasts that utilizes a visible registry of items and their past and current owners to support authenticity.  Its members enjoy having their own free online galleries and appreciate the value-preserving benefits of making their items' chains-of-custody available to any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device.  Its patent-pending, innovative approach to authenticity preservation represents an important step forward for the counterfeit-saturated memorabilia industry.  Go to to learn more.