Coloplast Launches New Ostomy Product - SenSura® Mio - In The United States

Innovative new ostomy device provides a better body fit and greater feeling of security for people with a colostomy; reduces health care costs by lowering patient leakage

Sep 18, 2012, 10:00 ET from Coloplast

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Coloplast announced the U.S. launch of its new ostomy product, SenSura® Mio, an ostomy pouch that promises a better body fit and a greater feeling of security for patients with a colostomy. SenSura Mio achieves this fit and security by using Coloplast's innovative BodyFitTechnology, a pliable new elastic adhesive that is a first of its kind in the ostomy medical devices industry.

Many patients have irregular abdominal surfaces, making it difficult to achieve a secure fit between the ostomy pouch and the skin. SenSura Mio addresses this issue by adjusting to the curves of the patient's body, even if there are uneven surfaces due to a hernia, scarring, skin folds or a weight issue. A recent Coloplast Ostomy Care international study of 1,686 patients found that nearly 60 percent of all people with ostomies have either one or more of these abdominal irregularities.

"Coloplast is in the business of intimate healthcare – and that means we work very closely with the people who use our products to create solutions that meet their personal needs and improve their quality of life," said Brian Olson, Coloplast ostomy marketing manager. "When we designed SenSura Mio, we listened to the concerns of our patients and heard clearly how a poor fit, which led to skin irritation and leakage, was a big fear of theirs – a fear no one else was addressing. Since SenSura Mio increases security, patients who use it have better physical comfort and emotional peace of mind."

Patient and Provider Feedback
Healthcare providers are already getting positive feedback from SenSura Mio users. One patient told Anne Marie Knudsen, an ostomy nurse at Kaiser Permanente, South Bay Medical Center in Harbor City, Calif., "SenSura Mio worked really well for me. It is so flexible, and I felt like I had no pouch on as it moved so well with my body. It made me feel secure and it felt soft and very pleasant to have on my body."

Another patient, Denise, said, "I have a large peristomal hernia and peristomal ulcerations, which make it difficult for adhesives to stick. I have tried everything. SenSura Mio conforms where other products won't. I can form it to my body shape."

Patients will also be pleased to know SenSura Mio not only improves comfort and security, but it also can contribute to reduced healthcare costs. A 2012 Market Access study found total healthcare costs for stoma care can be decreased by reducing leakage and the need for associated skin treatments and consultations.

About Coloplast
Danish medical device company Coloplast develops products and services designed to make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. We start by listening to our users to better understand their needs, and then respond by bringing the best ideas to market in the form of medical devices and service solutions.

Coloplast's businesses include ostomy care, urology care, continence care, and wound and skin care. With the development of a strong portfolio of new products and investments in a professional sales force, Coloplast now employs more than 7,500 people worldwide. In 2012, Coloplast received global recognition for having the best corporate reputation among patients (PatientView), and for being the Most Ethical (Ethisphere Institute) and Most Sustainable (StoreBrand Bank) company.

About Coloplast Ostomy Care
Coloplast Ostomy Care provides products for conditions affecting bladder and bowel functions. This includes innovations to make life easier such as the skin-friendly benefits of SenSura, easy-to-use no-sting Brava® accessory products to protect and care for the skin, and the new BodyFit™ elastic barrier technology that fits to real bodies. Coloplast also developed industry-leading Coloplast Care, a nurse-directed care program that supports the patient from the healthcare setting to their transition home and through their lifetime. Providing wellness education, lifestyle tips, product information and service, the Coloplast Care program is yet another way Coloplast makes life easier for people living with intimate healthcare needs, and the healthcare professionals that support them.

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