Colorado Company Answers Haiti's Relief Call for Clean Water

Innovative Water Technologies to Send 14 Solar-Powered Sunspring(TM) Water Purification Systems to Port-au-Prince for disaster relief

Jan 19, 2010, 05:13 ET from Innovative Water Technologies

DENVER, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The UN Secretary-General has described the disaster in Haiti as the worst humanitarian crisis in decades and clean drinking water is one of the top three priorities for providing aid. Today, through a series of donations by the GE Foundation, Pentair Inc. and private donors, Innovative Water Technologies (IWT) will begin sending Sunspring™ systems out of their Rocky Ford, Colorado facility to Port-au-Prince.

Sunspring™ is a portable, self-contained, solar-powered water purification system that can process water from remote rivers, lakes, wells and recycled rainwater, producing bacteriologically safe drinking water. The Sunspring™ physically removes bacteria, virus, cysts, particulates and turbidity from the water source, with each system providing 5,000 gallons of purified drinking water per day. The systems are self-cleaning, efficient and easy to maintain, perfectly designed for disaster relief. Prior to being used for disaster relief, Sunspring™ systems were utilized in National Parks, oil and gas exploration sites, campgrounds and developing countries around the world.

"After the earthquake and subsequent breakdown within Haiti's infrastructure, our Sunspring™ system became the natural solution before waterborne illness spreads amongst an already stressed population," said Jack Barker, president and co-owner of IWT. "We have round-the-clock production at our facility to meet the demand of the Sunspring™ systems destined for Haiti's earthquake relief."

The Sunspring™ shipment scheduled to deploy today to Port-au-Prince has installation sites selected, with security and logistics in place to support the systems. Companies and individuals interested in donating all or part of a $25,000 Sunspring™ water purification system for Haiti's disaster relief should visit

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Innovative Water Technologies is the inventor and developer of the Sunspring™, a portable, self-contained, solar-powered water purification system for remote local and international locations. IWT is a distributor of the GE package water and wastewater treatment plants in Colorado and Wyoming as well as a master distributor for the GE Homespring. IWT is dedicated to the research and development of new water purification technologies. IWT is headquartered in Dumont, Colo., and has a manufacturing facility in Rocky Ford, Colo. Visit for more information.

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