Colorado Father Saves Daughter From Abuse in Chicago

Aug 30, 2010, 08:07 ET from Law Offices of Jeffery Leving

CHICAGO, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- "I love my daughter so much and I don't know what would have happened without your help."  These words were tearfully spoken by Colorado father, Miguel Gallardo, to his attorney, David Pedraza after Miguel was awarded custody of his 12-year-old daughter by Circuit Court of Cook County Judge Schuster.  With the help of his attorney, Gallardo obtained a protective order for his child after the judge found the mother had violated the Illinois Domestic Violence Act.  The court made this decision even though the child had lived with the mother her entire life.

Pursuant to court documents, it was alleged that the mother had physically and mentally abused Mr. Gallardo's young daughter.  The judge interviewed the girl in her chambers after Pedraza tirelessly pushed the court to conduct the interview.  This was done in order to bypass hearsay issues relating to Pedraza's client's testimony.  Opposing counsel was aggressively and persistently objecting to Miguel testimony.

Attorney Pedraza commended Miguel for his determination and stressed that it was Miguel who had taken the steps to save his daughter's life – he never gave up hope!  "In the often biased, pro-female family court system, it is imperative to have an intelligent, courtroom savvy attorney who can artfully persuade the courts to safeguard the best interest of the child.  This is who David Pedraza is and it is an honor to have him as a part of this firm fighting for fathers everywhere," said Jeffery Leving (

Already back in Colorado, Miguel is elated to have secured his daughter's custody and looks forward to a bright and safe future together.

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SOURCE Law Offices of Jeffery Leving